Chelsea’s Master


Chelsea stepped out of her car, a small two door Toyota wearing her usual business attire. Dark black pants with a dark grey lacy top with low cut revealing her B sized breast cleavage. Her thick heels clicked on the stone pavers as she closed the door and stepped around the house. The house she was at was an old style three level brick house. The windows were tinted and the draped were closed. The yard was trimmed neatly and a beautifully laid out path of cobblestone pavers swung from the driveway around the house to the back door.

The door at the back was a solid black thick wooden door. It had no knocker and had no handle of any kind. Just a circular lock. Anyone who had to come in had to have a key, without the key no one was getting in. Chelsea flipped back her wavy black hair and reached into her purse and pulled out a silver key and slid it into the hole. With a loud click the lock turned over and the bolt released. She pushed open the door and stepped inside and closed the door relocking the lock. Just inside the door was a smaller room. At her left was a three tiered shelf and at her right was a coat rack and shoe mat. She slipped off her over coat and purse and hung them up. With a bit of a tug her heels came free and she set them on the mat.

She unbuckled her belt, unclamped her pants and slid them off and around her waist. Her hips were not large in comparison to the rest of her but very shapely. She folded her pants and placed them neatly on the shelf. Chelsea pulled free her grey lacy top and removed her black bra. Her thirty-eight B-cupped breasts were perky and matched with lovely perky nipples that were extremely sensitive. She bent low and pulled off her grey panties and stepped out of them one leg at a time. With all of her clothes folded she turned to the sliding door in front of her. Hanging on the wall beside of it was a black collar with a dark red leash. The collar had a thick ring on one side and was covered in silver studs. She took it off the wall and tied it around her neck and fastened the collar tight. Chelsea liked it when her airway was every so slightly constricted.

She fell slowly to her knees and pushed open the door and crawled in and then closed it quietly behind her. The floor of the next room was made of the most comfortable material she had ever known. A plush mat flooring coated the What would be cold stone tile making crawling on her hands and knees a much more comforting thing. The room was the size of a living or dining room. Around the room sat black pillar candles, thick wax had boiled and melted and streaked down the sides and coalesced at the bottom. The flickering light of the candles caused the shadows to dance and waiver. In each corner of the room was a strange and foreign device or instrument. Some fir sitting, others for laying and some for being strapped down. Across the room, against the far wall, sitting in a large black and red cushioned chair was her master. He was a massive man, at full height he was six foot seven. His skin was as white as snow in December and it almost glowed in the candlelight.

His muscles were perfectly sculpted, almost like someone had carved him out of marble. A true masterpiece of art and divine arousal just by sight. He rested his bald shaved head on his right fist leaning it against his cheek. His eyes were mostly closed as they were often times when she would arrive. His pale muscular naked body was topped off with a cock the size of her wrist. A five inch long two inch thick pale cock hung between his legs, the tip of the white monstrosity hung just ever so slightly off the edge of the chair. The scariest and most thrilling part of it, was that it wasn’t even hard. Her master’s eyes flicked open and the red gleaming orbs of almanbahis şikayet his eyes scanned over her delightfully naked body. Chelsea was a tiny creature in comparison to him. She stood at five foot two and had a very slim and athletic build with a flat stomach and rounded ass. Her flexibility was what set her apart from the other slaves that her master had.

“Come to me my slut.” He said in a voice as smooth as melted milk chocolate. Her body shivered and her will bent to his desire like some hypnotized participant at a fair show. Only difference was that she was completely aware of her actions and where they were going. She crawled on her knees, the leash dragging behind her as she went. Her master never flinched or shifted position as she drew nearer. Only his red eyes followed her as she made her way across the floor. His cock, even limp was enough to fill her mouth as she wrapped her lips around the mushroom capped size head of his cock. She licked his cock in slow teasing circles and drew his head into her mouth and gently sucked. For the first time it twitched and expanded slightly. His cock grew thicker and a little harder within her mouth. Chelsea looked up and met his eyes. Watchful and observing eyes looked at her as she took in more of his cock. Her eyes widened as his muscular arm reached up and took hold of her long wavy hair.

Slowly, painstakingly and steady he pulled her face further onto his cock. She moaned as his semi-hard cock slid along the roof of her mouth and tongue. The thick head pressed against her dangling uvula and she gagged. A very subtle smile crept onto his emotionless face and a spike of joy jolted through her. The joy of pleasing her master was a feeling she wanted…needed more of. It was like a drug she lived for. She grabbed his massive muscular thighs and pulled herself forward and started sucking his cock hard. The thick head of his cock hit her uvula again and again bringing her closer to the urge of puking. Each time her throat convulsed it squeezed around his cock a little tighter.

The same grin on his face grew just a little wider each time and Chelsea got just a little more moist between her legs. Her master pulled her off his cock and she looked at him in confusion.

“Rub my cock slut.” He said.

“Yes master.” She replied.

Her tiny thin hands curled around his cock though her one hand could just barely wrap around the full girth of his size. With both hands she started rubbing his cock up and then down from head to balls. Slowly at first and quickly she picked up a rhythm which started the change. A change that she watched with a mixture of fright, amazement and excitement. His cock grew and straightened out. From five inches, to six inches. It grew and she started pumping harder and a bit faster. It grew more and more.

Six inches became seven and then eight and finally ten inches of pale thick purple and blue veiny cock nearly three inches thick was in her hand. His testicles looked like a softball hard and round and full of so much cum it could drown her. Without warning he stood up and his cock somehow looked longer and even bigger as it pointed straight up. His chiseled abs and thick pecs tensed and he tossed a hand out. A three foot long twelve tailed flogger flew off from the wall and into his hand.

“Turn around and bend over. It is time for you to remember who is your master.”

“Yes master. Teach me. Please teach me.”

Chelsea turned away from him and leaned down putting her ass up. The grin on his face turned back into focus and resolve.

He lifted his arm and swung the flogger diagonally across his chest slapping her ass gently at first in a flowing motion of long swinging arches. Chelsea accepted each blow almanbahis canlı casino of the flogger with a soft whine. Her whines increased in volume as his blows and swings struck harder and faster across her ass and moved up her lower back and across her shoulders. The long leather straps of the flogger striking evenly across her bare skin turning her skin red and splotchy red as the blood vessels exploded beneath the skin. His swings grew even harder and she shrieked with each blow that came down upon her bare skin.

“Thank you!” She shouted. “Thank you master!” She shouted. “Thank you.”

He swung with majestic control and even rhythm like a drummer striking with the mallet. He watched the cum drool out from her pussy and pool onto the floor.

A continuous and steady stream of cum drizzled from her pussy as he flogger her ass getting ever closer to her hanging labia. After ten minutes of flogging, her skin was red and raw and her pussy was wet and dripping. She drew in heavy breaths as she stayed in her position with her ass bent up for her master.

“Roll over.” He commanded.

Chelsea rolled onto her back and moaned with the pain of her marred and sore skin. “Yes master. I am your cum slut.”

“Yes you are. Are you a good cum slut?”

“I am a good cum slut. I promise.” She whined. She looked longingly at him desiring the ten inches of raw cock that was dripping with precum. She watched each drop of precum roll down his thick head, trail down its thick body and drip off his softball sized testicles. He studied her for a moment and grinned.

“Do you want master’s cum?”

She nodded furiously and leaned up. His red eyes flicked over to the wall and with a wave of his hand a pair of stainless steel handcuffs opened and flew off the wall and attached themselves to her wrists. She cooed softly in enjoyment and rolled herself onto her knees.

“Come and clean your master up. Show me how much of cum slut you are.”

“I am the sluttiest cum slut master.” Chelsea said as she crawled over to him and started licking the trail of cum that was flowing down his cock. Each time she licked the length of his pale cock a new flood of precum pumped out and down his cock. Chelsea used her pink tongue to lick all of the clear cum that was flowing down. The sweet flavor of his cum was delicious in her mouth and she wanted…needed more.

She stood up and realized her mistake immediately. Her master moved like lightning on the wind and took hold of her leash and pulled her back down to her knees and stepped on the loop of her leash.

“I did not tell you that you could stand up. Be a good cum slut and clean me up.”

“I’ll be a good slut I promise master. I’m sorry. I’ll be good!” She begged and pleaded. With his foot still on her leash she returned to licking his cock up and down but she could not reach the head of his cock.

“May I touch master’s cock?”

“You may.”

She reached up and started stroking his sticky cock. The precum was thick and sticky in her hand as she pumped his cock up and tightening her grip in intervals twisting and turning her hands. It was a technique she had learned pleased her master greatly. It also provided her with more cum.

Thicker sweeter cum which pulsed down his cock in globs of glossy white. She caught each glob as it slid down his cock and onto her tongue. This was what she needed. With a tug of her leash she stumbled back to the floor and onto her back. Her master was upon her like a wolf on its prey. One hand held her cuffed hands above her head and the other hand slipped into her pussy. Two fingers pushed into her sopping wet pussy and curled inside. Somehow he knew right where her special spot was. Like he almanbahis casino had always know how to make her cum as he started roughly fingering her. Tugging at her pussy while simultaneously rubbing her swollen clit with his thumb.

“Master!” She screamed. “Master I’m cumming!” She screamed as she came on his fingers covering them with thick cum. He removed them from her pussy and licked the fresh cum off the tip of his fingers. With the remaining cum he slowly spread it in tight circles around her anus. The simple touch of his fingers to her tight anus caused her to whine. With almost viscous force he thrust is finger back in and jerked her pussy until she came again.

He spread her cum upon his fingers like lubricant and inserted his index finger. Her anus was tight, very tight like a virgin. Chelsea moaned as his finger slid in and out of her anus. His index finger was the same size as her thumb and she opened her mouth wide as he pushed two fingers in.

“Oh! Master! Fuck my ass master!” She shouted.

With no hesitation he spread her legs wide with his knees and pressed the tip of his cock against her tight anus. It quivered and pulses with each heavy breath she drew. She cranes her neck to see his cock and then she remembered. She fell back and looked up at the mirrored ceiling above her and she watched his massive swollen cock force within her anus.

The pain and pleasure was more than she could handle and she let out a wild scream. He pressed his cock in and pulled it out slowly and then back in and out. Chelsea opened her mouth in a wide shout as he pressed his cock further in. The thick body of his cock tore into her ass and widened her canal. Pleasure flooded her body as he pulled backward and pressed in again. In a rush of surprise she came hard bucking her hips. He moved in deeper and Chelsea watched as he didn’t stop this time. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper and she screamed louder and louder until all ten inches of his cock were submerged within her ass.

“Okay cum slut. It is time you prove your worth.”

“Yes.” She moaned. The simple act of breathing pressed against his cock and flooded her with more pleasure. “Use me Master.”

He took hold of her hips with both hands and pulled out until just his head remained in. With more force he pushed back in and then out and then in and out. Chelsea moaned and screamed through three more orgasms. Her strength was failing and yet she wanted more still. His cock hammered her ass over and over and over sinking balls deep and she swore she could feel his cock inside her stomach each time.

“Master! Please cum in my ass! Fill me up Master!” She pleaded.

With the control of a professional he picked her up by her neck and hooked one arm under her and started seriously fucking her. There was no holding back. There was no relenting, just sheer violent fucking. The kind Chelsea desired as his cock expanded in her ass. Harder and deeper his cock went.

“Yes master! Don’t stop! Never stop! I’m your cum slut!” She shouted.

With a hard thrust he pulled her down upon his cock and released his load. Chelsea moaned with each pulse of his cock that expanded against the sides of her anal canal. Hot thick cum flooded her ass in a depth she thought was impossible. He pressed his cock hard against her as he emptied his entire softball sized load inside of her. After what felt like an hour of his cock shooting load after load inside of her he pulled out and set her back into the ground. Her body hurt. Her back was bruised and red. Her neck was swollen and had a dark ring. Her anus was screaming in pain and pulsing in fury. Most of all, she loved it. This was what she enjoyed most. Being used and worn. Her ass quivered and she reached down and stuck a finger inside of her raggedly worn anus. His thick cum was clotting up her ass and she liked it. She would keep his sperm inside of her for as long as she could. Just to feel the pressure of it against her anus.

“Thank you Master.”

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