Charlene Has No Boundaries


When Charlene came out of the bedroom, Tommy was parked in front of the TV. Looking up, he observed, “After running around the apartment mostly naked all week, I wasn’t expecting to see you in something so conservative.”“Conservative?” Charlene replied, “Not what Daddy thought. He said this was too tight, and with buttons from top to bottom, entirely too suggestive.”It had been a week since their relationship had turned intimate. and during that week, other than going to classes, Tommy and Charlene had kept pretty much to themselves. Their best friend and across-the-hall neighbor, Blake, had been in Dallas the last few days, so they hadn’t even seen much of him.“Oh yeah, definitely suggestive,” agreed Tommy. “I am already imagining what that dress might look like with a few more of those buttons undone.”Charlene beamed. “How many’s it going to take to get you excited?” She made a quarter turn to either side, undoing the top couple of buttons and smiling at Tommy’s reaction.“Of course around you, I stay excited, but you got to admit that what you’re wearing is kind of dressy for just hanging out in the apartment.”“Well… it is Sunday… and it has been a week since we started sleeping together. I was kinda hoping I might talk you into taking me someplace for brunch.”“Uh, yeah… I suppose you could talk me into that.”“Of course, I could change, if you’d rather…” Charlene plopped down in the easy chair and unbuttoned two of the bottom buttons. The dress split open, nearly to her panties.Tommy licked his lip. “No. You stay the way you are. I know a place we can go.” He continued to stare at his roommate and lover. Charlene wasn’t wearing hose and although the hem of the dress came almost to her knees, with the bottom buttons undone, and sitting down, Charlene’s inner thighs were deliciously exposed. Tommy stood. “Give me a couple of minutes. These shorts are not going to cut it where we’re going.”—–Charlene’s dress was tight, necessitating that she undo a third button in order to get into Tommy’s truck. Once she had the door closed though… I could redo a button or two , but… a smile grew on her lips. Charlene stretched her bare legs toward the drive-shaft tunnel, the unbuttoned dress riding even further up her bare thighs. “Are you going to be able to get us to the restaurant in one piece?” she saucily asked Tommy.Tommy had his head turned toward the front but his eyes were focused on Charlene’s bare legs. “I’ll get us there. Fortunately it’s not far. But you’re not making it any easier.”“Just having fun,” Charlene replied, looking at the bulge in Tommy’s jeans.The place they went to was a popular college hangout that was a moderately priced restaurant for breakfast and lunch, and a raucous watering hole at night. On Sundays they had a brunch menu that was considered one of the best in the city. And for brunch, the tables in the mostly booths type place were covered with white linen tablecloths.A waiter took them to one of the more distant booths. He pulled the table to one side, allowing them to slide easily into the booth. As Charlene slid into the booth, she spread her legs, exposing her white silk panties. Tommy followed, his eyes noting the tantalizing display. The waiter took his time pulling the table back into place, making sure he got a good look.After the waiter was gone, Tommy said, “I think he enjoyed the view.”Charlene had a Cheshire cat type grin on her face. “And you didn’t?”“Okay, so I was looking too. But I know you wanted us to look.””Don’t you just love that about me?” Charlene chirped.“That and a few other things. Sorry I wasn’t around for the transition, but you have definitely changed… and for the better, I might add.”The conversation was interrupted as the waiter returned to serve coffee and take their order. Once he had left, Charlene picked it up where they’d left off. “Before the waiter came, you said I’d changed. You’re right, I have, but what exactly were you referring to?” Charlene was smiling, intrigued by the direction of the conversation.“Well of course, I always did think you were cute, but now that you’ve grown up, you’ve also become hotter than a firecracker!”“I’m glad you think so, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what you meant when you said I’d changed.”“No, I guess not,” Tommy confessed.Charlene was still smiling. “So what did you mean?”“Well, admit it, you did used to be goody-two-shoes – no way would you ever let anyone see your panties, certainly not like you did that waiter… and never closing the drapes even though you seldom wear more than a pair of panties… I mean, I’m loving the way you are, but this sure isn’t the little girl I grew up with. Not what I was expecting.””You complaining?””No way. I’m loving it. Just surprised, is all.”“So how about the dress? You like it?”“Oh yeah, especially with no bra and so many buttons undone.”The waiter appeared with their order. Both had ordered the brunch special, eggs benedict with breakfast potatoes and a fruit bowl. There were two mimosas that the waiter left sitting on the tray behind him. “The mimosas come with the brunch special, but I’ve got to see some ID before I can serve them.” Tommy offered up an ID – fake but indistinguishable from the real thing – and informed the waiter that Charlene wasn’t old enough. The waiter looked at Tommy’s ID, handed it back and placed both mimosas in front of him. “Since you’re the only one old enough to drink, I guess you’ll just have to drink both of them.” He winked as he picked up the tray and left.“That guy gets a good tip,” Charlene insisted.“Oh of course. That’s why he did it.” Tommy pushed one of the mimosas over in front of Charlene. “Enjoy! Now where were we?”Charlene hesitated long enough to shovel a forkful of food into her mouth. With hollandaise dripping from her lips she offered, “I think you were telling almanbahis şikayet me how much you like this dress, buttons undone, not wearing a bra – something like that.”“Right, all of the above,” Tommy clarified as he cut off a bite of egg, ham and muffin. Pausing before putting it into his mouth, he added, “But even with a couple of buttons undone, it’s really not all that obvious that you’re not wearing a bra.”Charlene slowly undid a couple more of the top buttons. Although the nipples were still covered, it was now real obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Would I be right in thinking,” Tommy suggested, “that except at home, the buttons didn’t always stay buttoned, and there probably wasn’t much under the dress?”Charlene was grinning. “Well, from what I’ve already told you, I’m sure you know that I never wore a bra, except when I really had to, and mostly that was at home. I’m also sure you can guess that the buttons didn’t always stay buttoned. But before you get the wrong idea about me, I have always worn panties…” except for that time with the towel… “…and they have always stayed on,” well, most of the time.Tommy’s hand slid between Charlene’s bare thighs as he suggested, “Somehow I got to believe that you really like guys watching.”Charlene smiled as she slowly acknowledged, “Could be.”Tommy’s fingers slid up Charlene’s thighs and stroked the front of her panties as he postulated, “That business a week ago, sitting in the window while you took your clothes off, and then all this last week, wearing no more than a pair of panties with the drapes open and lights on… not the first time you’ve done something like that, is it?”Charlene hesitated, catching her breath. “Uh no, not exactly,” she allowed.Tommy’s hand stroked Charlene’s already soaked panties as he asked, “You going to tell me about it?”Charlene lowered Tommy’s zipper and slipped her hand inside and around his cock. “I will if you promise not to stop what you’re doing to me.””I promise, but you’ve got to keep up what you’re doing, too”Charlene squeezed Tommy’s cock as she began, “It was a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday. My body was really beginning to develop and I was loving the way the guys were showing an interest in it. Alone in my bedroom, I usually had my clothes off – sometimes even played with myself.”Tommy pushed Charlene’s panties aside. She held his cock tighter as she continued, “One night, with the lights on, I took my clothes off with the drapes open on the sliding glass door to the backyard. Although our yard was protected by a privacy fence and a locked gate, It was still exciting, imagining that someone might be out there watching. I didn’t close the drapes much after that.”Tommy inserted a finger into Charlene’s pussy as he said, “But then you discovered that someone really was watching.”Charlene gulped, “Right. Turns out one of my neighbors had an internet type camera on his rooftop, looking right in my bedroom window. I figured it out while I was babysitting for him one night.”Tommy stopped abruptly, “Holy shit! So what’d you do?””You promised you wouldn’t stop!” Charlene exclaimed. She didn’t answer until Tommy had resumed his ministrations. She took a deep breath as she replied, “Well, I had imagined I was being watched and that had excited me.” Charlene gasped audibly as Tommy plunged a second finger into her pussy. “Uh, so what if it was for real? Wasn’t that really what I wanted?”Tommy’s fingers worked their magic as he theorized, “Well yeah but, that neighbor of yours had to be some kind of perv. Old guy watching his sixteen-year-old neighbor – that is scary.””Truth is, he wasn’t all that old. If he’d been a couple years younger, and not married,” Charlene’s hand moved slowly along Tommy’s rock hard cock, “I might have even dated him.””Even knowing he was watching you?””Oh god yes, that would have been soo hot!”Tommy backpedaled, “Okay, so you weren’t freaked out – you even left the curtains open.””Right…””And you left the lights on.””Uh huh, that too.””Sixteen-year-old, getting naked with the drapes open and lights on – your neighbor had to have been loving it.””I certainly hope so,” Charlene asserted, “I know I was.””Wow! So how long did this go on – you getting naked with him watching?””Well, pretty much right up to the time I moved here.””Shit, that guy has got to be really pissed, you not putting on your show anymore.””Yeah, I suppose so,” Charlene replied, demurely.”And this all started before that business with the fraternity guys?””Uh yeah.” Charlene knew she’d been caught in a lie. She began slowly stroking Tommy’s cock. “Actually, they weren’t fraternity guys at all – it was my boyfriend, Carl, and several of his buddies, at his house – but all that stuff about me in panties and shirt, several buttons undone – that’s all true. However, it was me talking my girlfriend into it, not the other way around.”The playing under the table, as well as their conversation, was aborted when the waiter showed up with the check. After the waiter had scurried off with his credit card, Tommy volunteered, “I was thinking I might invite some friends over this afternoon. Cowboys are playing Seattle – pretty early in the season, but most of us want to see the game anyway. Would you have a problem with that?”“Of course not.” Charlene smiled and fiddled with the next lower button on her dress, the one just above her navel. Then looking in Tommy’s direction she asked, “Am I invited or am I supposed to stay in my room?”The button business had not gone unnoticed. “No way would I expect you to stay in your room.”“Other girls too?”“You will likely be the only female. Just you and a bunch of guys.”“Sounds like fun,” Charlene replied, enjoying the very real possibility that she would be the center of attention.Tommy called a few of his friends and hastily arranged almanbahis canlı casino the party. Spotting the waiter on his return with the credit card, Tommy suggested, “I could get him to move the table back for us.”“I doubt he’d mind too much,” Charlene replied with a smirk.“You could take the panties off, if you wanted.”Charlene’s lips parted seductively. “Might be fun, but as wet as they are they’re probably see-through anyway.” As Tommy signed the check and retrieved his credit card from the waiter, Charlene couldn’t help but notice the bulge below Tommy’s belt. He motioned the waiter to pull the table back. Charlene made sure the waiter had plenty to remember her by.—–Later that same day, Charlene was alone in the apartment – Tommy had gone for beer. She was in her room, naked except for a pair of panties, appraising herself in the mirror when she was interrupted by the doorbell. Damn, he forgot his key, she said to herself. The doorbell rang again. “Just a minute,” she singsonged. A bath towel hung on the back of the bedroom door. Charlene looked at it. It’s just Tommy, she murmured to herself as she snagged it off the hook. She wrapped it carelessly around herself as she raced toward the door.Holding the towel to her breasts, Charlene opened the door, not to Tommy, as she had expected, but to three strange guys, whom she presumed to have come to watch the game. Charlene, as well as the guys, were all taken aback by the situation. Although the guys had heard about Tommy’s roommate, they had never met her, and certainly were not expecting her to answer the door in a towel.Charlene found herself being examined by three guys she had not previously met. Had I known it was not Tommy, I probably would have worn something more appropriate, but what the hell… Charlene stepped from behind the door, offering a full view of her towel covered body. “Well,” she said with a smile, attempting to downplay the awkwardness of the situation, “I guess you’re here to watch the game.”“Uh huh,” drawled one of the guys. “Tommy here?” Then added under his breath, “Hope not.”Charlene pretended not to notice the come-on and responded, “Went to pick up the beer – should be back any minute now.”Looking at Charlene’s barely covered body, one of guys hesitantly suggested, “Well… we could wait out in the car till he gets here,” but watching you’d be way more fun.“No way,” enthused Charlene, “Tommy would want you to come in and make yourselves comfortable.” And so would I. Charlene opened the door wider. Licentious thoughts filled their heads as the guys took in the sight of the scantily clad teenager. Three hot guys and me in panties and a towel! Catching the looks she was getting, Charlene relaxed her grip on the towel, allowing it to slip down to where her nipples were barely covered.Each of the guys adjusted the bulge in his shorts, confirming that Charlene in a towel was having its affect. The lips of the first one through the door mouthed a silent, oh my god, while over his shoulder, to his buddies, he sputtered, “Tommy said she was hot!”They like the towel – but then so do I, thought Charlene.The one closest to her, who also seemed to be their self-appointed spokesperson, proceeded with the introductions. “I’m guessing you’re Charlene, Tommy’s roommate.”She acknowledged. “Uh, yeah… right – Charlene.”“I am Robert and these two,” he said turning back toward his friends, “are Josh and Leo. Leo’s the short one.”“I am not short!” Leo protested.“Okay then, the shorter one,” Robert amended. Leo was not totally appeased but said nothing. Plenty tall for me, Charlene thought to herself, just not as tall as Josh.Charlene looked in turn at each of Tommy’s friends. Robert was making no secret of his attempts to see if she was wearing panties. Leo turned away each time she looked in his direction, and although Josh kept his head bowed, Charlene could tell he was still looking. Robert continued with his inspection, but looked up long enough to remind Charlene, “You did say we were supposed to come in, didn’t you?” She stepped aside and motioned them through. The door opened into the living area. Charlene followed them in, then continued on toward the bedrooms. “You are going to join us, aren’t you?” Josh inquired confidently.Charlene stopped just short of the passageway to the bedrooms. She considered how to answer. I am planning to join the party, but I want them to think it’s their decision. “Well, I was going to do some reading, but I suppose I could join you, if you’re sure you want me to,” she responded hopefully.“Oh for sure , we definitely want you to,” Leo blurted.“Well if you’re really sure… but I will need a few minutes to finish dressing.”“Or you could stay like you are,” Robert suggested, hoping that Charlene just might take him up on his daring suggestion.Charlene pretended to be shocked by the proposal. To herself though, she was more honest. Could be fun, but no way am I going to do that today. “No, I need to put something more on. Shouldn’t even have answered the door like this.” She made a step in the direction of the bedrooms.Robert’s face turned sour as he asserted, “What a shame and I thought you were enjoying yourself. I know we are.”Charlene, turning defensive, tightened her grip on the towel and tugged it back up a bit, covering her cleavage. “Maybe so,” she allowed sheepishly.Robert’s face lit up. “So we like to look and you like us looking. Not sure I see a problem.”Charlene was still turned in the direction of the bedrooms. Yeah, I could. She turned slowly toward Robert, her defensiveness fading. “If I knew you guys better… still not sure it’d make a difference… but maybe… ” Charlene murmured, allowing the towel to slip back down to where it had been, barely covering her tits.Josh spoke up from the overstuffed chair, “Guess that makes almanbahis casino Tommy the lucky one. I sure wish I had a friend and roommate, even half as hot as you are.”Charlene blushed as she shifted from one foot to the other. Looking down at her nearly exposed breasts, she responded, “I’m glad you’re liking the towel, but when Tommy gets here -”The door burst open and Tommy came in carrying a case of beer. Kicking the door closed he asked, “When Tommy gets here, what?”Charlene responded quickly, “I was just saying that when you got back, I was going to finish dressing.”Tommy’s dick grew hard as he digested the scene. Alone with three guys, towel, tits mostly exposed and legs bare… my god is she hot or what? Continuing to stare, he voiced his opinion, “The guys, me included, are absolutely loving the way you are, but… if you don’t put on a little something more, there won’t be anyone watching the game.”“Sounds okay to me.” It was Josh who felt compelled to say something.Leo followed close behind. “Yeah, forget the Cowboys and Seattle.”Robert didn’t really think Charlene had taken offense to anything that had been said but just in case, he did attempt to smooth things over. “I think we need to show a little gratitude toward Charlene for keeping us company until Tommy returned. The towel has certainly been fun, and I’m sure Charlene liked the attention, but I can also understand why she might want to change into something else.”“Thank you,” she whispered softly to Robert as she turned toward the bedrooms. Closing the door to her room, she dropped the towel and began a rapid-fire conversation with herself. Wow, what a kick. Even Tommy got hard as soon as he saw me. Charlene was thumbing her way through the clothes hanging in her closet. None of the church picnic stuff. Something good without a bra. Let the nipples show through. There! Charlene had her hands on a flannel romper. She took it off the hangar and held it up to herself. With only panties under it and the zipper part way down? It’ll be fun!—–Josh was still sitting in the easy chair and was the first to notice Charlene’s return. “Wow, looking good.”Robert and Leo, still sitting on the couch, turned to look as Charlene responded, “Thought you might like this.”Tommy was bent over, fiddling with some connections at the back of the TV. At the sound of Charlene’s voice, he straightened up and looked. Yes, she does look good. The gray flannel material of the romper masked the coloring of her nipples, but with the zipper down to between her breasts, it was obvious that Charlene wasn’t wearing a bra. And it’s short enough and has big enough leg holes to be very interesting.Charlene stood at the entrance to the den, unusually demure in her stance but still seeking her roommate’s approval. “So Tommy, is this going to be okay for watching football with you and your friends?”Tommy was certainly okay with it but Robert had to add, “Certainly does show off your legs.”“Glad you like it,” Charlene quipped.Robert gave Charlene a very thorough elevator look. “Oh for sure… and I even saved you a spot here on the couch.”Charlene surveyed the room. Her eyes locked on pillows propped against the wall, apparently by Tommy. Looking at him and believing she was reading the situation correctly, she declined Robert’s offer. “Thank you anyway, but it looks as if Tommy’s already staked out a spot for me.”Charlene crossed to the pillows and sat down. As Tommy joined her, she whispered, “This is what you intended wasn’t it?”“Uh yeah, for sure,” Tommy agreed, looking her over studiously. “After the towel though, you almost look overdressed.”Charlene airily put forth what both knew to be a lame excuse. “Yeah, well I should a had more on when I answered the door, but I thought it was you and fortunately you did get back quick, so it was just for a couple of minutes.” Her expression turned serious. “The game however is going to be two or three hours, so I figured I better wear something a little less revealing.” The playfulness returned though as she turned her back to the rest of room and tugged the zipper down a little further. “I did leave the bra off though. You’re not going to kick me out are you?”“Oh, of course not,” Tommy assured her. He looked at the bare skin between her breasts. “Especially not if that zipper keeps sneaking down.”Charlene cupped her hand around her mouth. “Uh yeah, that could happen,” she allowed, “but seeing that it’s broad daylight, and there are three guys here that I just met…” Charlene adopted a very determined look. “it stays where it is until they start showing a lot more interest in the TV than they are currently.”“I expect that’ll happen once the game gets going,” Tommy suggested, continuing to make his interest known.As the game started Charlene and Tommy appeared to lose interest in anything not happening on the television. The lead switched back and forth often enough to keep even the most jaded fan entertained and except for the commercial times, when they argued about ‘mistakes’ made by the players and coaches, everyone remained glued to the TV. Even Charlene’s partially open romper attracted only random glances.And most of those glances came from Tommy. Each time that Charlene shifted around some, Tommy looked over, disappointed that her zipper had not been lowered some more.Although nearly there, it wasn’t yet half-time when Charlene looked over at Tommy. Brushing back her hair she announced, “I’ve got to visit the little girls room. Want me to bring you another beer when I come back?” Tommy nodded his reply as Charlene got up and headed up the hall.In the bathroom, after relieving herself, she stood in front of the mirror. Lowering the zipper to her waist, she thought, I could do that and still keep pretty well covered. Tommy would love it but I’d have to chance the possibility that one of the other guys might look over… but then would I really care if they did? It’d be fun for sure, just seeing the expression on Tommy’s face. But then… Her mind made up, Charlene returned the zipper to where it had been and exited the bathroom.

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