Brian Owns Me Ch. 03


Every week I am sent to this particular hotel on an assignment. I have the room key already. I’m there to meet a mystery lover. He has given me specific instructions. I pull the curtains together to darken the room… I undress putting my skirt and blouse on a chair, leaving my stockings and high heels on as instructed…. I then kneel on a foot stool at the end of the bed. I face away from the connecting door.

On the bed, Brian has neatly set out my soft, purple velvet hood. Atop it he has laid out my nipple shields. My eyes gaze at the two objects of my torment. Minutes from now, I know, he will hood my face and slip on the nipple shields. The knurls will slide over my nipples, making them even longer than mine usually are. And their tightness will make impossible for them to slide off accidentally. They will come off much later, on my way home, to excruciating pain. I shudder.

Brian has laid out this afternoon’s other objects. He makes me look at what he will use later on, increasing my apprehension, augmenting my tension, setting my desires afire for him. There is a surgical-looking bag clearly marked “Foley Balloon Catheter — Female”. Next to it, neatly arrayed on a sterile towel, are 5 (five!) large syringes, filled with what appears to be sterile water. And next to them, of course, the tube of anal lube that Brian always has there, ready for me. Today I am terrified. Never before has Gail, my doctor, ever used a catheter on me. I have never seen it actually used. And now I am quite certain Brian plans to explore me in different ways. I am shaking and trembling as I kneel by the bedside, awaiting my ordeal.

I know the connecting door is open and I know my darling Brian is watching everything I do. Slowly I pour anal lube on my fingers, bend over way down, spread my legs, and lube my ass. Brian enjoys watching me prepare myself for him.

I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Brian walks up from behind and slips the velvet hood over my head. It’s about to begin. The velvet hood is has tiny earpieces that play the sounds of my previous seductions — moans and screams — for me to hear myself in moments of intense pain and ultimate joy. The hood is tightly fitted over my eyes — custom-made for me — and has a large opening at the mouth level. Sooner or later, I know, a large cock will come in and fill my mouth. Brian has planned everything perfectly well for me. I love him so much!

I am bent over, knees wide apart, just how Brian has taught me he wants to see me. I sense moving around. Brian must be walking around, taking a closer look at my body, trembling and shaking, my little titties pointed down and bobbing with every breath I take. Brian knows how anxious he makes me when I have to expose myself, completely blind-folded, naked, derrière high up in mid-air.

I feel his very strong hands parting my cheeks. He has done this countless times to me, every time we get together, and every time it makes me extremely nervous. He parts my cheeks, getting a very close-up look at my very tight ass. His hands massage my derrière and keep opening my ass wider. He does not touch it — yet. All he is doing is parting and exposing me.

Out of nowhere, I am surprised. Brian is touching my pussy! He has never, ever touched me with his hands! Ever! Just like that, Brian’s strong hands are spreading my labia apart! I cannot believe my senses! He is so good with me! Granted, Brian is not touching my tiny, baby clittie. He has never touched it. Never. But his hands are parting almanbahis şikayet my labia and that feels so good. I know I am moaning with happiness. And I know that my moans are being recorded to be played back through my earphones later. For now, it is the joy of Brian parting my labia wide apart that is driving me wild with joy. I can feel my tiny, baby clittie leaping with joy. Brian won’t touch it but I can sense he is staring at it as he moves my labia wider and wider apart.

Brian pauses.

I moan with desire.

Suddenly, I scream and lurch my back up straight. Brian has taken both my nipples in his strong, powerful hands, pinched them, and twisted them. Very hard. With his strong grip, he does not release them, but rather pulls them down so my torso has to follow until I am back on all fours. Brian knows how to use the extreme sensitivity on my nipples to force my body to follow his instructions.

Brian’s hands let my nipples go free. I moan. But not for long. Again, I feel his hands parting my labia wide. He is doing something. I don’t know what but his hands are busy.

I start to feel it: a slight pressure right smack on my pee hole. A slight, but insistent pressure right on my pee hole tells me Brian is touching the tip of the catheter, finding the exact location of my pee hole. More pressure and my body starts to feel it. The catheter is pressing against the orifice. Brian is pressing slowly and carefully. He is so gentle with me when he torments me. I let out a soft whimper. The tip of the catheter has penetrated my pee hole. And just like when Brian thrusts his enormous cock up my ass and makes me squirm in pain, neither shoving in nor sliding out, Brian is doing the exact same with the catheter. The tip is just at the orifice, neither sliding in nor moving out. Brian knows just how to force me to accept and bear and withstand that moment of sheer agony as long as possible.

My moaning subsides; my body is getting weak from the discomfort of the catheter pressing at my pee hole. Slowly, Brian starts to slide it in. I presume he is lubricating it because it slides in so effortlessly and so smoothly. I feel it, cold and slippery going in, and in, and in, up my urethra. I moan again with discomfort the moment the tip reaches my bladder. Brian lets me moan in that discomfort for the longest while before pushing it all the way in. I can feel my bladder emptying. I am so embarrassed with Brian that I am peeing but he must know I cannot help it with the catheter all the way up my pee hole and into my bladder!

Something is happening now. I can sense his hands moving around my genital area and the catheter being moved. I feel cold water slowly going up my urethra and filling my bladder. In the fog of agony and delight, I realize Brian has taken one of the huge, water-filled syringes and is filling my bladder with cold water.

And then it stops. I am full of water. I try to pee. To no avail: the balloon has probably been inflated and the catheter closed off so no pee can come out. Brian has filled my bladder and sealed it!

He lets me realize what is happening. After a few minutes, I feel his hands spreading my ass, spreading it very wide. I inhale and exhale very deeply, like Brian has taught me when expecting his deep anal penetration. His beautiful, perfect, and enormous cock starts to press against my ass. Slowly, surely, inexorably pressing. I know what is about to happen. Again I try to inhale and exhale deeply, like they teach us in birthing class. almanbahis canlı casino His cock head pushes its way in. It does not matter what my sphincters tries to do: if it dilates wide or tightens up, regardless, Brian will keep pressing.

The moment of penetration, when Brian rips into my ass, is always extremely and excruciatingly painful. Brain knows it and holds still, his head not moving neither in nor out. I am moaning and squirming and trying desperately to do something but Brian knows me all too well. By keeping still, he forces my body to feel the pain of his enormity.

Brian thrust in — all the way in — to the hilt of his beautiful,perfect, and enormous cock!

I scream and lurch my back straight. Again, Brian takes both mynipples in his strong, powerful hands, pinches them, and twists them. Very hard. With his strong grip, he does not release them, but rather pulls them down so my torso has to follow until I am back on all fours. Brian knows how to use the extreme sensitivity on my nipples to force my body to follow his instructions. His huge cock is throbbing deep up my ass. I was an anal virgin until I met Brian and now he knows I cannot live without him.

He grabs my body and picks me up, his huge cock deep up my ass, and carries me. He lies on his back on the bed and I am lying atop him, my back to his muscular chest. I cannot see a thing but I know his buddies are also in the room looking at us. Brian’s legs open my legs wide apart. I feel his breathing, slow and deep and rhythmical. I try to match his breathing. His huge cock throbs just as methodical deep up my ass.

Brian is holding my hands in his, at his side. Another set of hands is doing something around my pussy. Again I feel a slow flow of cool water up my urethra. I understand what is happening. Another gentleman has taken the second syringe and is filling my bladder even more, with the second huge syringe. He closes the catheter off. My bladder is full but I cannot pee. The second gentleman kneads my tummy. The wish to pee gets stronger: I really need to pee. But nothing can come out.

The gentleman takes my right hand [I am a lefty, by the way] from Brian’s and guides it to his cock. I shudder. I know exactly who this is! That huge cock — the size and shape of a Thermos bottle — is Anthony’s! The same Anthony whose cock is the largest in our tri-county area! The same Anthony that enjoys fucking me every which way but never ever ejaculates inside me! My hand has a hard time getting a grip around it: he is so huge and thick that my hand cannot wrap all the way around! Even so, I stroke it as best I can. Now I have my darling and beloved Brian throbbing deep up my ass while I stroke Anthony — my bladder full and my desire to pee withheld.

Brian is holding my hands in his, at his side. Another set of hands is doing something around my pussy. Again I feel a slow flow of cool water up my urethra. Now I really understand what is happening. A third gentleman has taken the third syringe and is filling my bladder even more, with the third huge syringe. He closes the catheter off. My bladder is even fuller now, but still I cannot pee.

This third gentleman takes my left hand and guides it to his cock. It is tiny! I feel around. It feels just like a real cock. It has the same texture and shape and veins and skin as a real cock. It is alovely little tiny penis! So cute! I run my left hand up and down this man’s body, trying to imagine what he looks like. He seems tall, muscular, trim, massively almanbahis casino hard thighs, big hands: a very virile man with a lovely little tiny penis! My left hand plays and plays and plays with him. All along, my right hand is trying to get around Anthony’s enormous bottle-sized cock, while Brian throbs deep up my ass.

A fourth set of hands works on my catheter; again another syringe-load of water gets pumped into my bladder. I think my bladder cannot possibly hold any more. It is stretched and hands on my tummy knead it, making it even harder to bear. The fourth gentleman finishes the syringe, shuts off the catheter, and slip his cock into my mouth.

With my darling Brian deep up my ass, my right hand around a huge cock and my left hand playing with a lovely little tiny penis, my mouth does its very best to suck this gentleman. Something strikes me — in my total sexual confusion — as odd. When he slides his cock out and I suck on his head, I feel a slight clinking sound. But he is in control. He must be very adept at fucking women orally because he knows exactly how and when to slide his cock all the way into my mouth almost to the point of gagging, pulling out a bit so I can catch some air, and going at it again. Before I know it, I can feel his cock down my throat!

And now, with my darling Brian deep up my ass, a huge Thermos of a cock in my right hand, a lovely little tiny penis in my left, and another deep down my throat, a fifth set of hands plays with the catheter. The fifth syringe fills my bladder to its bursting limit.

All five sets of hands part my legs wide, kneading my tummy, making me go crazy trying to keep up with the four cocks I am already servicing.

The fifth man slides his cock into my pussy!

It feels so strange.

Granted, until I had met Brian, my penile experience was limited to my college boyfriend and my husband. So I really do not know all that much about cocks.

But this one seems unusual.

Large and thick, of course, but it seems to be sharply bent or curved. As he slides in and out of my pussy, I feel its curvature pressing hard against my G-spot — and further in, pressing against Brian’s head deep up my ass.

Fantastically wild!

I am servicing all five men!

At once!

My darling and beloved Brian deep up my ass — where he rightfully belongs!

Anthony’s huge Thermos is in my right hand; with my left, I am stroking a lovely little tiny penis. Deep throated all the way in by another expert. And in my pussy: sliding in and out a very curved cock.

The men increase their tempo. Harder and faster and deeper and harder and faster and deeper and harder and faster and deeper and kneading my distended bladder and twisting and tweaking my nipples and harder and faster and deeper…

If I could have screamed, I would have awakened the cemetery…

If I could have moved, I would have displaced the earth’s orbit…

All at once, all five men explode in unison!

One of them has pulled the plug on the catheter!

I feel the Amazon of all Pees rush out of my distended bladder!

Three liters of my pee and gallons of their ejaculate!

Brian-my-love deep up my ass, one man’s deep down my throat, Thermos Anthony splashing my entire torso, the curved man deep into my pussy, and I even feel the lovely little tiny penis dribble one or two droplets in my hand!

Five powerful men and one unfaithful housewife — six massive, simultaneous orgasms!

Try as I may, I cannot control my body. My mind seems to be slipping as well. Fainter and fainter and fainter… I know the men are still pulsating… I know my body is still shaking… fainter and fainter and fainter… fainter and fainter and fainter…

I pass out…

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