Blended Families–Jerome And LeahChapter 2


When Darin walked into the bedroom after the confrontation with Leah and Jerome, Jolene asked, “Was that Leah I heard screaming?”Not wanting to get into the details with her not feeling well, he skirted the issue by saying, “Yeah, but it was nothing important. Now you just lay there and relax. I will be right here if you need anything.”“Darin, sorry for getting sick and having to cancel our honeymoon,” Jolene said, reaching out for him.He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, saying, “Hush, my love, we have the rest of our lives and you getting better is the most important thing right now. We love each other and that is all that matters now. So rest, you should be up and about in a few days,” as he tucked the covers around her and went to change for bed.Early the next morning Leah was awakened by the smell of coffee and bacon cooking in the air. She knew it was not her mom, but who else in the house could cook? Taking her robe from a hook behind the door, she put it on and belted it tight around her nude body, then went to use the restroom. When she walked into the kitchen a few minutes later she was surprised to see Jerome at the stove. Leah quickly loosened the belt on her robe, letting it fall open at the top. Jerome turned at the sound of footsteps, the smile disappearing from his face when he saw Leah there, her tits hanging out – a sight that was getting an immediate reaction from his cock.“Good morning,” he forced himself to say. “Coffee is ready. Would you like some scrambled eggs?”Leah poured herself a cup of coffee and wrinkled up her nose. Looking up at the clock on the wall, she saw it was only six in the morning. “No, thanks. It is too fucking early to eat unless it is pussy or cock. Would you like pussy for your breakfast?” she said as she sat down on the bar stool facing him and spread her legs, giving Jerome a view of her pussy. “I know I would love to have your cock stretching my pussy out.”Jerome just sighed and went back to his cooking. Leah heard heavy footsteps on the stairs and quickly retied her robe and sat ladylike on the bar stool. A few minutes later Darin came into the kitchen, wearing a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt molded to his lean body. Leah had always seen him in suits or nice slacks and button-down shirts but never in jeans. Looking at how they molded his ass almost had her drooling. Generally, she did not notice men over the age of twenty-five but in Darin’s case, he deserved a second look.As he got himself a cup of coffee Leah looked over at him, staring at his crotch, wondering what type of cock he had – if it was as impressive as Jerome’s. Both of the men saw the way Leah was checking out her step-father but neither one said anything. She got up and refilled her coffee cup and headed back to her bedroom.After she had left the kitchen Darin took his place on the stool where she had been sitting. “Well son, are you going to tap her first? Do you think she is still a virgin?”Jerome started to laugh and said, “Really, Dad? You would ask that question after the compromising position you caught her in last night?” as he pulled his cell phone out and flipped to the picture of her and Marcus. “When she opened the door she was naked and she was banging him Friday night while you two were gone. I have a feeling he was not supposed to be here.”“No, she was not supposed to have any company. Her mom was specific on that deal. It is one more thing to add to the list,” Darin said, sipping his coffee.Jerome dished his dad up some breakfast and served it to him, then asked, “Think I should tap that sweet pussy and ass, Dad? I mean, almanbahis şikayet after all, she is my step-sister.””And your point is?” Darin said after taking another sip of his coffee. “Her mom showed me a picture of her when she was younger and Leah looks a lot like her and if she is as good a fuck as her mom is, then you will be in for a real treat.”“Are we sharing and comparing this time, Dad?” Jerome asked, smiling, “After all, this is not just a random pickup or someone you are having an affair with. Jolene is someone you actually married,” as he refilled his dad’s coffee cup.“I think so,” Darin began, “but we will just have to approach Jolene differently and let her think it was her idea to sleep with you. With Leah, I plan to tap it after I spank her ass good and proper for lying about my son trying to seduce her, which you didn’t do, did you?”“No, Dad, I didn’t but wanted to. I was not sure whether you wanted me to or not since you did marry Jolene and we are all a family now, but I will tap her before the day is out,” Jerome said as he sat down to eat. “Do you want the first spanking?”“No, you can have it this time. I don’t mind playing second fiddle.”“Can I ask you something, Dad?”“Son, you know you can ask me anything so ask away,” he said as he ate the last bite of food and got up to refill his coffee cup for the third time.“Why did you decide to get remarried after all these years? Do you really love Jolene?”“Yes, I do really love Jolene. It just happened, son. I was content with the affairs and one-night stands before her but then it suddenly hit me that I wanted her in my life for always, not just a piece of ass when I was horny.”Jerome was quiet for a minute, and then asked, “So I take it Jolene has no clue about the lifestyle you and I have been leading since I turned seventeen?”“No, she does not, Jerome.”“Don’t you think you should have told her before you married her?” Jerome asked as he put his plate in the dishwasher. “I mean, she may not like it and kick your ass out.”“It will take her time to get used to our lifestyle, Son, and the fact that we share our women, especially when it comes to Leah…and of course, you fucking Jolene but she will get used to it and accept it,” Darin stated. “Now I had better go check on Jolene and see how she is feeling this morning.”Darin took his coffee cup and headed for his bedroom, taking a bottle of water for Jolene. When he passed the bathroom he heard the shower running and was so tempted to join his step-daughter but decided to wait. After all, he promised his son he could tap her first. His time would come. When he came into their bedroom Jolene was just waking up, struggling to sit up against the headboard.“How are you feeling, sweetie?” he asked, handing her the bottle of water after he helped her get settled.“Better than I did yesterday but not quite up to par,” Jolene told him, managing a weak smile, “Think I may attempt to take a shower. It might make me feel better,” as she took a big drink of water.Darin helped her stand up and as soon as she gathered clean clothes he escorted her to the master bath. Adjusting the shower to her liking, Darin helped her undress and into the shower, taking a seat on the closed toilet seat in case she needed anything. When she was done, he helped her out and dried her off. After she was dressed he walked her back to bed, helping her to sit down on the edge.“Do you want to stay here and rest or would you like to go out on the patio and enjoy the summer breeze?” Darin asked her.“Think I would like to stay here for a little bit and then maybe go outside. almanbahis canlı casino That shower seemed to have drained my energy.” She got back in bed.“Then I will let you rest, my love,” Darin said as he kissed her gently and left the room.When he came back downstairs, Jerome was flipping through the channels on the television, trying to find something to watch. Leah was curled up in a chair reading.Hearing someone come in the room, Leah looked up and asked, “How is Mom this morning?”“She is doing better. She took a shower and now she is going back to sleep.”“Good,” Leah said, “now I can go visit Marcus without worrying too much. I will be back in an hour or so if Mom asks,” getting up and putting her Kindle on the side table.“Excuse me, Leah, but you are grounded,” Darin reminded herLeah looked at him, gave him the finger, and said, “You are not my fucking dad so you can’t tell me what to do and before you say it, this is our house, not yours. You are only here because she was stupid enough to marry you to get cock.”Darin could feel his face starting to turn red, the itch to blister her ass becoming stronger. “That is your opinion, Leah but I happen to love your mom…and she didn’t have to marry me to get cock because she was getting mine for several months before I asked her to marry me,” he said, without thinking how that sounded. “And yes, you do have to listen to me. True, I am not your dad but I am the man of the house now.”Without thinking, Leah slapped Darin hard across the face, leaving a nice red hand print. “You bastard. You don’t talk about Mom like she is some whore,” Leah said, even though she had thought basically the same thing the morning of the wedding. “We were doing just fine without you. And I am almost eighteen so stop treating me like a little child!”“’Almost’ is the operative word!” Darin yelled back. “Right now you are acting like a child and will be treated like one!”Before the situation became anymore heated, Jerome jumped up off the couch and got between them. He did not want his dad to steal what he had been promised and Jerome knew by the look on his dad’s face that he was about to take his belt to Leah’s ass.“Dad, I know you said Leah is grounded and I respect your decision but with your permission, I would like to take her out for a drive to give you both time to cool down.”Breathing hard, Darin said, “Sure, son, but make sure she does not go anywhere but with you. Understood?Looking from one to the other, Leah said angrily, “Both of you can go to fucking hell. Although she does not mind me spending time with Marcus, I will be considerate and go ask,” as she started for the stairs.Jerome reached out and grabbed her none-too-gently by the arm, saying, “Let your mom rest. We are going for a ride to ease the tension in this room. And for your information, if your mom knew Marcus was over here Friday night banging you, she wouldn’t be quick to let you spend alone time with him.”Leah had heard enough and she snapped, yanking her arm out of his grasp. Turning, Leah placed her hands on his chest and shoved him backward. As he fell to the floor, Leah jumped on him, slapping him and hitting him with her fists. Darin wanted to step in and grab Leah by the hair and yank her off Jerome but decided to let him handle it on his own. After five minutes, Jerome managed to get her on her back with her hands pinned to the floor above her head.Straddling her body, he leaned down in her face, saying softly,” You are going to get up, walk out, and get in my truck without any more trouble. We are going to a cabin Dad and I almanbahis casino own and I am going to fuck your brains out. Do I make myself clear?”Breathing heavily, Leah started to laugh and then said, “Whatever. Besides, you fight like a girl and I don’t want to hurt you.”Jerome slowly released her hands and stood up, looking at his dad. “Any of the family using the cabin this weekend?”“Nope,” his dad said, looking at his face closely. “Man, you are going to really have a shiner.”It was then that Jerome realized his left eye hurt and it was a little hard to see out of. Meanwhile, Leah was waiting by the door, figuring she could take a chance and jump out of the truck at a stoplight and run, calling Marcus to come to get her. She did not stop to think about the consequences when she got home.“We will be back later this evening, Dad. Don’t worry, I will make sure that Leah stays with me,” Jerome said, winking at his dad.Just as Leah and Jerome left, Jolene came slowly down the stairs, holding tight to the banister, “Darin, what in the hell is going on? I was awakened by a lot of screaming going on down here. You, Leah, and I suppose Jerome.”Rushing over to her, he helped her down the rest of the stairs, apologizing, “I am sorry, Jolene, that we disturbed you. I had grounded Leah last night for something she had done and then she wanted to go see her boyfriend and I told her no. Sorry, she cannot argue with screaming, sweetie.“When they reached the end of the stairs, Jolene put her hand on his face and turned it toward her, asking, “Did she do this?” referring to what was now just a red mark on his face.“Yes,” Darin admitted, “and I plan to take her to task for it and for what she is grounded for. I wanted to wait until you felt better before I dealt with it, honey,” as he led her to the couch.“I swear, Darin, Leah is normally not like this,” Jolene apologized “She knew you and I were getting married eventually but I did spring it on her that morning that we were getting married that day. Unless it is that, then I have no clue why she is upset. It could just be teenage hormones. Now, tell me, what did she do last night, Darin?”“Jolene, we will discuss this later,” he said, trying to avoid the subject. “Would you like some soup? Think you can handle it?”Jolene knew that Darin was avoiding the subject and that he would discuss it when he felt like it, so she said, “Sure, that sounds good.”Darin got her settled on the couch with a light throw over her and the remote in her hand before he headed to the kitchen to fix her some soup.“Honey, where is Leah? Is she in her room? Jolene asked. “I would like to have a talk with her and see what has gotten her so bent out of shape.”Stopping, Darin came back to the living room and said, “Jerome took her out for a ride and supper. He wants to spend some time getting to know his step-sister,” but did not say how intimately Jerome really wanted to get to know her.“That is nice,” Jolene said as she settled on the couch.As Jerome headed out of town Leah sat sulking in the passenger seat, wanting to go back and confront her new step-father and put him in his place, but instead she had been forced to go with Mr. Stick-up-his-ass frat boy who didn’t like girls even though he claimed differently. If he liked girls he would not have turned her out of his bed last night. He would have taken what she offered and fucked her silly.“You might as well put a smile on that face, Leah, because you are not going to sit and pout and ruin my Sunday. I was perfectly content to lie around the house, maybe go for a swim today but then I had to play referee between you and my dad. And for my efforts, I get a fist in the eye. A piece of advice, Leah, don’t ever slap him again.”“I will do what I fucking want,” she answered back. “And you did not have to play referee because I was doing just fine on my own.”

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