Bittersweet Surrender Part 1


Day 1 12:16 P.M Cameron pushed deeper into Kristen’s taut asshole. He loved bringing her to his home for a quick romp every time the opportunity arose. Fucking his personal assistants was something that he had done for most of his career as a lawyer. He changed them every year because he loved the variety. Some have been known to stick around for two years, and that’s only because they were actually good at their job. This time he got a red head, and damn she was fucking hot. He knew she was hired from the time she sashayed into his office with her 5’4 hourglass frame, 34Cs, tight round ass, killer legs, and naturally fiery red hair. Feeling his balls tighten, he grabbed a fist full of Kristen’s hair and groaned.  “I’m coming baby.” “Oh ooooh yessss. I want to feel you spurt your hot cum inside of my ass Cam,” she cried out as she gripped the sheets and pushed back against his cock. Those words were enough to cause his release. His orgasm struck him like a almanbahis şikayet burst of lightning, and his eight inch cock erupted like a volcano inside of her asshole. She took it up the ass like a good girl today; he had been training her ass with plugs and his fingers for a whole month. He playfully slapped her ass before he collapsed on top of her. She flexed the muscles and pushed his softening member out; he could feel his cum oozing out of her. He looked at the clock radio across the room on the dresser and sighed because he had to meet a client soon. Cameron rolled over and smiled with contentment. Damn, he loved his life. 1:02 P.M Josie watched as her stepdad pulled his Jag out of the garage. She was so tired of this asshole cheating on her mother. She never wanted her mother to marry him, she never trusted him, and he was too good looking. Her mother was blinded by his good looks and big dick. Josie knew that he had been fucking his almanbahis canlı casino personal assistants from the moment she met one of them. What was wrong with her mom? Her mother was absolutely gorgeous, and Josie looked like a younger version. Josie was seventeen, 5’9, a perfect hourglass, and perky B cup globes. Her voluminous long black hair, grey cat shaped eyes, olive complexion, and cupid’s bow mouth gave her an exotic look. After making sure that Cameron left with his whore of the year, she headed for his room. Josie went straight to the camera that she hid in plain sight. Josie gave her mom and Cameron a clock radio last Christmas. She laughed lightly as she remembered the confused look on their faces when they opened their gift. She stepped in front of the camera, crouched down, and waved as she smiled brightly into the lens. Today was the day that she put her plan into action. Hopefully it would go as expected but it could potentially almanbahis casino blow up in her face. Either way she would get a favorable outcome, but one included her mom getting hurt and it was a lot less fun. She hoped that Cameron gave in, but he was an asshole lawyer accustomed to playing hard ball. But if she learned anything during the seven years that he was married to her mother, it was that the only thing he loved more than his cock was his money. He was locked into an iron-clad prenuptial agreement with her mom. Her mom was dense, but she wasn’t a fool, and his cheating would cost him over half of his estate. Maybe that’s why her mom thought that he would never cheat and why Cameron had gotten so sloppy. Josie was supposed to be in school, but it was so boring that she decided to come home early. Josie walked back to her room and opened her laptop. She pulled up the program that she used to monitor the hidden camera and rolled back the time. She watched with a mixture of anger and arousal as her stepdad impaled the whore. Two weeks prior she watched him fuck her while standing, it was so hot that she had played with herself while watching it. He fucked his whore a lot differently than fucked her mother.

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