My husband does have to be a human being most of the time. His job is the one that pays most of the bills. He’s a contract mediator, but if you ask him he’ll sigh and say that he’s a ketchup popsicle salesman. Degrees in psychology, philosophy and business. He doesn’t talk a lot, but if you spend half an hour talking to him? At the end of it, he’ll give you two sentences that make everything he wants sound reasonable.He likes people. He likes to listen to them. But he does seem a little lost at social events, when he doesn’t have a goal line to cross or a specific idea to plant. He’ll derail conversations into absurd loops of theology or ethics. He’ll argue “two plus two equals five” for hours if you let him. He thinks it’s hilarious, and anybody that agrees is immediately his friend, but those antics end more conversations than they start. Or he’ll go find, as he says, “the most interesting brain in the room”, and just hover around them all evening. Most of our friends and family think of him as a bit stiff, a bit philosophical. A bit weird.They’ve no idea.He had some odd quirks and hobbies when I met him. Secret things that he introduced me to one at a time. Nude beaches and naked runs. He liked being tied up. He found some deep meaning in dog biscuits. After a few years, all that sort of merged together into Fuzzbutt.I was a little surprised, and even a little worried when he started talking about Fuzzbutt like he was somebody else. But Fuzzbutt is so much more relaxed and my husband is a lot happier after being the beast for awhile. He does insist that Fuzzy isn’t a dog, or a cat, or anything but a “beast”.My husband washes the dishes most of the time, when he gets home. He’ll sweep the floor. Whatever he thinks of that needs doing. I know he doesn’t really feel like ”earning money” is much of a contribution, however well he does it. But on many evenings and most weekends, after he’s finished with some chore or another, he lets off a long sigh as he looks around. I can see the stiffness start to melt away.So, when he feel like he’s finished for the day, whatever that entails, he’ll retreat for a little while to our room. He’ll get undressed, brush out his hair, lay down, and close his eyes for awhile. Then he’ll get down on the floor, open his cupboard and retrieve his leathers. He’ll lace his legs into one set that leaves him walking on heavily padded knees. I’ll be on hand by then to help him on with the second set, putting the mitts on his hands and tucking them behind his head. I strap his arms into elbow padding that matches the knees.He’s almost in a trance at that point, and not much help, but I’ve gotten good at getting the straps exactly right. I’ll check the leg binders too. Too loose, and they’ll start to come off. Too tight and he’ll be in pain or start to go numb. Neither of those is a good end to the day. If they’re on the right way, though, he’ll keep them on for hours. Occasionally, he’ll wear them almost all day.Usually, then, he’ll spend a few minutes licking my cunt, as thanks, then he’ll wander off on all fours to find a toy to play with or a piece of furniture he wants to hump. Yes, I have a multi-function steam cleaner. Yes, it gets a lot of use.Sometimes we’ve used a gag or a muzzle, because a beast shouldn’t talk. almanbahis I’ll still use it sometimes, because he looks cute with it on, but Fuzzbutt doesn’t talk in any case. He’ll bark if he’s upset, or purr if he’s happy. He’ll whine if he’s hurt or worried, and moan when I play with his cock. But he doesn’t talk. So as cute as he can be drooling around a gag or frustrated by a muzzle, I usually prefer him to have his tongue free, since he just uses it to slurp pussy.I like him as a husband. He’s funny. Kind. He does his share and tries to do more. But I like Fuzzbutt just as much. He’s clever, useless, messy, and likes to snuggle. They’re both impossibly horny, but I knew that when I married him. I felt guilty for a time, after realizing that, sometimes, I just wanted the man to go away so the beastie would come back. But then, I realized, he often felt the same way.Fuzzbutt likes to lay across my lap while I watch a show or read a book. I like to stroke his back and run my fingers through his hair. If I’m feeling grumpy or sick, just squeezing his balls while he whines and squirms is a good outlet. Of course, flipping him over, hiking up my skirt, and sliding down onto his cock is a pretty good outlet for some things, too.A sharp slap on the ass gets him off me if I’m too warm. He’ll either curl up on his floor pillow or go eat a snack out of his bowl. Fuzzbutt isn’t a picky eater. I just scoop a fair amount of whatever I’m having into his bowl on the floor, so he usually has something fairly healthy to munch on. Then he’ll come back later and try to distract me from my book by crawling up in my skirt and poking my clit with his nose until I scoot forward enough for him to lick me.The creature always has pussy juice on his face.My husband installed a towel rack next to Fuzzbutt’s bowl, and Fuzzbutt will wipe his face there when he’s done eating. I think he knows I wouldn’t let him up my skirt at all if he had food on his face, but he won’t wipe off pussy juice no matter how often I tell him. Sometimes I forget he can even understand me when I talk, that’s how much good it does me. I have to go wipe his face off myself if it’s really bothering me.Or give him a bath. I’ll do that at least once, most weekends. It’s not always his favorite activity, but he’ll stay in the tub so long as I have a good grip on his balls. I can give him a good scrubbing then, and wash his hair. I have to hold him awfully tight to get the enema attachment up his ass, but it’s worth it. Fuzzbutt puts up with a lot of things that the man would never stand for, and I find that absolutely fascinating. My hubby hasn’t ever even mentioned it.And there are all sorts of other things like that. I bought a clasp I could bolt to the kitchen floor so that I could fasten Fuzzbutt’s balls to the ground for awhile when I don’t want him underfoot. I’ve used that fairly often, especially when I’m trying to cook. I bought an incredibly uncomfortable looking cock cage that I’ve used a few times when Fuzzbutt started getting even more horny than usual. I half thought I wouldn’t see Fuzzbutt for awhile, after I first used that, but no. I used it three days running one time, and it never stopped him. For the record, it doesn’t stop him from being horny either – sort of the opposite almanbahis yeni giriş – but a beast with such incredibly blue balls is much more docile and just as entertaining.I also found out that Fuzzbutt is willing to do things my husband never would. I suppose the simplest example is that Fuzzy will lick my asshole – go absolutely nuts over it – if I ask him to, and seems thrilled to do so. My husband, on the other hand, will gag over the mere idea. I have no idea how that’s true, but the rabbit hole goes even deeper than that.We do have a few friends that are the more wild sort, people we’ve told about Fuzzbutt when conversations of kinks and fetishes came up. People far enough removed from the ‘family’ and ‘money’ parts of life. In that company, we’ll tell Fuzzbutt stories sometimes. We both talk about him like an exotic pet. I told them about the time he ate a whole hot pepper I’d dropped in his bowl. Hubby told them about the time I took away one of his favorite hump-toys and he knocked over a bookshelf trying to get it back. More than once, we’ve gotten the response that Fuzzbutt sounds like a goofball and a sweetie and they’d love to meet him.I didn’t really know if my husband would allow it, but talking to him about Fuzzbutt didn’t always work well. It was easier to just set up a dinner party on one of Hubby’s days off and invite the few people who’d understand. I let them know they might meet Fuzzbutt and that it might be kinky or it might not be. I figured Fuzzbutt might make a sort of appearance, probably with his pants on. Hubby might talk about anything and everything, but he wasn’t even much of a hugger, though how that translated into Fuzzbutt I had no idea.When I told Hubby when I’d set up the dinner party, he just shrugged and said, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Don’t you have Fuzzbutt that day?”I shrugged back, “I know, but Nina is super chill, Gloria already loves Fuzzbutt just from stories and a few photos, and the Babingers are even kinkier than we are. They won’t mind Fuzzy.” I had to hide a smirk while I waited for his gears to spin. He was being just as circumspect as usual, even about this.He did take awhile to respond, but while his tone was pessimistic, what he said was, “Well, I hope none of them mind having their leg humped. Fuzzy is an awfully horny creature.”So it was on, but I had even less idea what to expect at that point, except that Fuzzbutt would indeed make an appearance.The day of the party, Hubby helped get the house clean and ready, but he switched over to Fuzzbutt hours before anyone was supposed to arrive. I tried to be extra nice to Fuzzy, for a change, but he was clearly excited. He danced around in circles till he was dizzy. He couldn’t keep his head out of my skirt, and as much as I enjoyed having his tongue all over my pussy, cunnilingus and cooking were never a good mix. Eventually, I had to strap his balls to the floor for half an hour so I could finish.Fuzzbutt was always pathetic when his balls were locked down, but he whined and fidgeted nonstop while I finished the lasagna and set some wine to chill. When I let him loose, he was so wound up he knocked me over almost immediately, then tried his best to get his cock in me, something he almost never did. Granted, he usually almanbahis giriş didn’t need to, I was willing enough to accommodate him.Fuzzy might have been heavy, but his short limbs didn’t give him much purchase. I never had any trouble pushing him off. Then I got ahold of his balls and just held him still until the erection went away. He might have been frustrated, but he was being far too energetic, so I walked him backwards to the toy cupboard and put the cock cage on him before he could get erect again. The whimpering was overwhelming for a little while, but half an hour later he was quietly sulking on his floor-pillow.I wished I’d thought of it sooner, really. The dinner party would be so much more fun if Fuzzy was harmlessly but incredibly horny. I’d have to find something to punish him for too, I decided, so I could lock him down to the kitchen floor for awhile. Assuming Fuzzbutt actually intended to entertain for that long.Nina arrived first. Our goth girl wore a short black skirt, which sort of surprised me. She didn’t usually – more a fan of leather pants with too many buckles or jeans with too many zippers – and there could only be one reason she’d change that habit for this party. Nina flirted endlessly and had straight up propositioned both of us more than once, but I was mostly straight and my husband had said he wasn’t interested. I was fairly certain that was going to change tonight, but I had no idea how much.Fuzzbutt perked up immediately. He ran over to greet her, spinning in circles again, and started nuzzling her socks and bare knees before I even got the door closed. Nina was delighted. “Fuzzbutt! I’ve heard so many things about you!” She turned to look at me, “This is definitely not your husband. This creature is shameless.”I gestured vaguely at Fuzzy, “I don’t know if this creature even knows what shame is. Come on in, have a glass of wine. Gloria and the Babingers should be here any time.” But by the time I finished my sentence, Nina wasn’t even paying attention anymore. Fuzzbutt had noticed the skirt just like I did, and he didn’t hesitate to pop up on his knees and shove his face as far up that skirt as he could.I hollered, “Fuzzbutt, get down!” but Nina just laughed and took a wider stance, taking a few awkward steps with the foolish beast waddling under her, to lean against the couch a few feet from the door.”Ooh. I know you said he loves pussy, but I think you may have understated it.” It became obvious just from the noise that she had come commando and was perfectly happy with Fuzzbutt’s more intimate greeting.I waved my hand in a sort of dismissal, “Alrighty then. I’ll just pour you a glass while you and Fuzzy get to know each other.”I poured the glass to the sound of soft moans and hungry beast. I drank it, and poured a second that I handed to Nina. She just sipped and tried not to drop it. Fuzzy was nothing if not enthusiastic. Nina’s eyes were closed. She sighed, “I haven’t been eaten out like this in years. This is going to be the best story ever.”The doorbell rang again, causing Fuzzbutt to drop down out of Nina’s skirt and start spinning around again. Nina sighed a little disappointedly, but moved into the livingroom and collapsed onto the couch. It looked like she’d probably sloshed the wine across the seat a bit, but I wasn’t going to think about it. I was busy trying to get past a two-hundred-fifty pound pinwheel so I could answer the door.”Fuzzbutt! Sit!” He spun one more time, but sat, cock cage clanking on the floor.

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