Be Careful What You Wish For!, Chapter 1


Lisa Reynolds came in the house having just got home from school. She hung her coat on the hook on the wall next to the door and headed for her room. She passed by her mother who was in the kitchen fixing dinner. “Hi Mom, I’m home,” she said as she walked by, “I’m going to change clothes,” Her mom looked up and smiled as she passed quickly by.Lisa went to her room and quickly changed out of her good school clothes. She was glad to get out of them, much preferring her regular casual wear to the stiff and restrictive school uniform. Lisa went to a private school with a strict, no-nonsense dress code which she hated. But she would be graduating next year so she was looking forward to burning the damnable clothes once she did.Once she had changed and was more comfortable she came back into the kitchen to talk to her mother.”How was school today, honey?” her mom asked.”It was awful, Mom! My history teacher has given us all kinds of homework to do! She must think I don’t have anything better to do than write reports for her class! I DO have other classes you know!” she said in a huff.Her mom just chuckled. “Well, what is your report on, dear?” she asked”We are studying slavery and the Civil War. This report I have to do is on slavery and it’s effect on the country,” she said.”Well, I’m sure you will do fine honey. You are a smart girl,” her mom said.After dinner that night, Lisa went to the study to get on the family computer and do some research for her report. But when she turned it on, she found out something was wrong with it and the computer wouldn’t log on to the Internet. “Mom, what’s wrong with the computer? It won’t connect to the ‘Net!” she asked her mother who was putting the dinner dishes into the dishwasher.”I don’t know, honey, I don’t know anything about those things. Heck, I’m lucky if I can check my email! I guess you will have to wait for your father to get home,” she said.”How am I supposed to do my report if I can’t do the research? Can I go to the library?” Lisa asked.”Sweetheart, I don’t have time to take you to the library, I’m sorry. Why don’t you use your brother’s laptop? I’m sure he won’t mind. Maybe it will connect to the Internet,” she suggested.With a groan of disgust at her situation, she turned and went into her brother’s room to retrieve the laptop.Johnny Reynolds wasn’t really her brother–not by blood at least. Lisa’s mother and father divorced several years ago and she met the man who would become her stepfather about a year after that. Mike Reynolds was also a divorcee as well and had a son who was about five years older than Lisa. For financial reasons (Johnny had a lot of student debt from college) he lived at home, helping in the family finances with his job as an auto mechanic.Lisa took her step-brother’s laptop into her room so she could have some quiet to do her research. She turned the machine on and it hooked up quickly to the Internet. She almanbahis şikayet began looking into her report, searching for the information she could use to write it. She downloaded some information and went to get it when she saw something else of interest. She clicked on it and was astonished at what popped up on the screen!Oh my God! What the hell is this? she asked herself. She began clicking on links and checking out the screens that popped up. The more she found the more incredible it all seemed. She couldn’t believe what was showing on the screens. It was incredible! After about twenty minutes of looking around, she turned off the laptop and closed the lid, putting it away for the night. Johnny had said he was going over to his girlfriend’s house and may not be home until late that night so Lisa just stashed the laptop under her bed for now.The next day was Saturday and that morning she called up her best friend Amy.”Hi Amy, you are not going to believe what I found on Johnny’s laptop last night! I borrowed it to work on that report for history class since our computer wasn’t hooking to the ‘Net. Anyway, I HAVE to show you–this is too good to just talk about over the phone! Want to meet at the coffee shop?” she asked.”Sure, I guess. I don’t have any plans today. I’ll see you there in a half-hour,” Amy said.By the time Amy got to the coffee shop, Lisa was there with the laptop lid up. Amy sat down, “Ok so what’s up? What’s this big shocker you had to show me?” she asked.”Well like I said I borrowed Johnny’s laptop to do some research on my history report about slavery and the Civil War. When I started researching things I found THIS on one of the links!” she said, turning the laptop towards Amy.”Oh, my God! Are you for real? What is this shit? What is your stepbrother into Lisa?” Amy gasped. There on the computer screen was the URL of a hardcore bondage website! Together the two girls looked at some of the links and all the pictures that they found there. They giggled and gasped and commented on how pretty the girls were, how hunky the guys were, and whether they thought these scenes were real or not.”Oooh, I really like this one!” Lisa said at one picture in particular.”Check that one out!” Amy said at another.”Oh, God, that one is really hot!” Amy said at another picture they found.”I wonder what it would be like to do something like this?” Lisa commented offhand.Amy looked at her. This is your stepbrother’s laptop right?” she asked.”Yeah… why?” Lisa asked, looking at her.”Well, if he’s into this sort of stuff… why don’t we ask him?” she suggested.”What?? Are you nuts? You think I’m going to ask my stepbrother about the porn on his laptop?” she asked incredulously, “I’ll just go up to him and say ‘Hey bro, I see that you are into bondage… what’s it like to tie up a girl?’ Yeah right, Amy… that would go over like a lead balloon!””Well Lisa, you and almanbahis canlı casino I don’t know anything about this stuff. If you don’t ask questions you’ll never learn anything! Besides, I think Johnny would be cool about it. He seems to be a decent guy,” Amy said.”That’s ’cause you are sweet on him! Believe me, living with him is a whole different story!” Lisa said.”Maybe, but I don’t. Let’s call him up and talk to him about it!” she said.”And just how do you propose I lead into talking about bondage with my stepbrother?” Lisa asked.”Your brother is twenty-one, right? He should be old enough to understand. You were doing research for a bona fide school assignment and stumbled across it. It wasn’t your fault the assignment was slavery and this is what came up!” Amy said.”That’s true… okay let’s do it. The worst that could happen is he tells me to mind my own business. After all, I can get him in trouble too!” Lisa said.”Let’s call him right now!” Amy said getting excited.”Okay, but let’s do it in the car so no one else can hear us,” Lisa said. The girls finished their drinks and went out into the parking lot and got in the car. Lisa used her cell phone to dial her brother’s number at work on her cell phone.”Hello?” he said as his phone rang.”Hi Johnny, it’s Lisa. Are you really busy?” she asked.”No, not right now. What’s up?” he asked.”Well, I have Amy here with me and we wanted to talk to you… about something important,” she said.”What is it?” he said again.”Okay, now don’t get mad, but I have a report to do for school and I went in last night to use the computer in the study, but it wouldn’t hook to the ‘Net. So I couldn’t do my research. Mom suggested I borrow yours so I did. But when I turned it on… well I found some things on it and that’s what we want to talk to you about,” she explained.”What sort of things?” he asked.”Bondage sites. Bondage sites with pictures and all sorts of stuff,” Lisa said.There was a long, uncomfortable pause at the other end of the phone. “Are you still there Johnny?” Lisa asked after a bit.”Yeah, I’m still here. I’m getting ready to go to lunch in a few minutes. You and Amy meet me at the Sunrise Diner over on 12th street. We’ll talk there. And bring the laptop with you,” he said.”Okay, Johnny. You’re not mad at us are you?” she asked.”We’ll talk at the diner,” he said, then hung up.The two girls went to the diner and waited on Johnny to show up. “Do you think he’s gonna be mad at us?” Amy asked.”I don’t know. He was pretty quiet after we told him what we found. You heard him the same as me. I don’t know what he’s going to say,” she said.Just then Johnny came into the diner. He spotted the two young blondes sitting in a corner booth and walked towards them.”Uh-oh… here comes your brother now!” Amy said.”Hello girls,” he said in a low tone. He sounded serious, but not mad. “Lisa, move around and sit next to Amy.” Lisa did almanbahis casino as he said and when they were sitting next to each other he started. “Okay girls now what’s this all about? What did you want to talk to me about?” he asked.”Please don’t be mad at me, Johnny, or at Amy here. I didn’t mean to snoop, I was just…” she started to explain again what happened.”I’m not mad at anyone. I just want to know why I’m here and what you two want from me,” he said.”We want you to tell us about bondage, Johnny, we want to know what it’s like,” Amy spoke up.”What do you mean?” he asked.”Well, what’s it like? What do you like about it? Have you ever done it? What does the girl get from it? Do you have sex with them tied up, or what do you do with them?” Amy said taking over the conversation.”Wow, a lot of questions for two little girls! Okay, yes I like it, and yes I have done it many times. I enjoy being in control of the girl, and she likes surrendering to me. Yes, I have sex with the girl tied up and she likes the fact that she can’t stop me or control how it goes,” he explained.”So you are one of those… what do they call the person in charge?” Amy asked.”A Dominant, and yes I am. Actually, though, no one is really in charge in a BDSM scene… the submissive, in my case the girl, submits to the Dominant and the Dominant leads her in the way she wants to go with things. So it’s a mutual thing–they work together to get to where they both want to be,” he said.”Johnny, the pictures we saw on your computer were…” Lisa started.”They were really hot!” Amy finished her sentence. “Could you do something like that to us?””Amy!” Lisa said looking at her shocked at her brazenness.”Oh, come on, Lisa, you know you were just as turned on at those pictures as I was!” Amy said.”So you two girls want to know what it’s like to be tied up and dominated? Is that what I’m getting here?” he asked.”Well, we were just…” Lisa said.”Yes!” Amy said excitedly and a little too loudly.”Okay, then I will show you. But if I do this, I want to do it right. You girls need to see the real McCoy–I won’t be your stepbrother and I won’t be your friend’s stepbrother. I will be a Dominant and you two will be my submissives. Understand?” he said.”But, Johnny…” Lisa whined.”That’s the deal, take it or leave it. Either I am going to be the Dominant and you are the submissives or I’m not. Your choice,” he said, flatly. “Let’s do it, Lisa!” Amy said. “Don’t you want to see what it’s all about? I’m in Johnny!”Lisa looked at how excited Amy was. Then she looked at how cool and calm Johnny was. Finally, she gave him her answer. “Okay Johnny, you win. We’ll be your submissives then. How do you want to do this?” Lisa asked.”Well we can’t do it at the house, that’s for sure. I will get us a hotel room and we will play there. The Munson Motel just outside of town is pretty cheap. And the sleazy atmosphere of the place will work well also. “I have to work tomorrow but I will have Monday off. Mom and Dad will have to work that day so that’s a good time to do this. So you two plan on meeting me at the Munson Motel at noon on Monday. I will take care of the rest,” he said.

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