Backdoor Lover Wanted


MWF seeks a day time lover to soothe my darkest desires. I am a happily married housewife, with two great kids, living in a small community just southwest of Austin, Texas. Hubby meets all my needs and desires, butt one.

Every since my teens years, I have absolutely loved anal sex. Most of my boyfriends throughout high school and college were both surprised and pleased with my rear door preferences. And though I tried to keep my dark desires to myself, word did seem to leak out.

My senior year of college I meet the man of my dreams, and he turned out to be a wonderful husband and father. He knows of my love for the dark side and has tried to satisfy my southern urges, but in all honesty, it’s just not his thing.

My first exposure to the back side came when I was still butt a sweet young thing. It was at our annual family reunion at my grandfather’s ranch. My favorite cousin is a year or so older than me and we had already been “kissing” cousins for some time. Each year for as far back as I can remember, my brother and all the cousins had played in the old barn on my grandfather’s ranch, had rolled in the hay, watched each other pee, and skinny dipped in the stock pond. Butt, to my knowledge, no one had ever inserted anything into anyone.

This particular summer, my cousin took me to an old tree house on the ranch that my Dad and his brothers had built as kids. He said he had something to show me and I have to admit my curiosity was peaked. He told not to tell anyone … ever! I nodded my agreement and smiled, as he held me by the shoulders and turned me to face the other way. I was wearing a white top, red shorts and white cotton panties, which he pulled down to my ankles before placing me on my hands and knees. Once in the doggie position, he started running his hands over my naked butt cheeks. Soon he spread my little cheeks and with a finger wet with spit, began running it slowly back and forth across my little brown hole.

I was rather shocked and somewhat embarrassed, butt to my surprise; I didn’t want him to stop. As a pink blush filled my face, my little tail began to wag in anticipation of what might be next. I’m sure my cousin realized this, as he quickly rewet his finger and began probing my virgin poop chute. As he slowly began his dark journey, I began to involuntarily moan, which only encouraged him to proceed. It wasn’t really all that comfortable at almanbahis first and it even hurt a little; but he was my favorite cousin and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Besides, he was like an older brother to me and I trusted him implicitly.

After a minute or so, he removed his finger and I heard him unbuckling his belt and zipping down his fly. Still on my hands and knees, I looked around behind me and saw that he had dropped his pants and was liberally applying spit to his long dick. I’d seen his whacker before, butt never quite like this. It was very hard, the head was almost purple and veins were visible all over it. It was no longer round like a little pencil, butt now much more angular and he now had loads of dark pubic hair.

Without saying a word, he turned my head back so I was looking straight ahead and slid his slippery wet cock up to my little brown honey hole. I honestly had no idea what he was about to do, butt the idea of stopping him never crossed my adolescent mind.

Slowly butt steadily he began to work his spit slick prick up my derriere. Ever so slowly he entered the back door by pushing gently, waiting patiently and then slowly pushing again. He then slowly and gently began sliding his stiff manhood in and out as he firmly held my hips. He had to pull that big boy almost all the way out twice so he could add more spit, which he did by spreading my sweet cheeks with both hands, spitting on my butt crack and then letting it run down on to his stinky stick. He came rather quickly and this really shocked me as I had no idea what that was all about. He pushed himself as deep as possible up against my ass and held me tightly, as his entire body tighten and gently shock. At first I thought he had peed inside me … but I didn’t say anything as I wasn’t really sure.

After catching his breath, he pulled out and wiped his dirty dick on a neckerchief he had probably brought for this very purpose. He pulled up his pants and then helped me to my feet. He offered me the neckerchief to wipe myself as he zipped up his fly and buckled his big rodeo belt buckle. He asked me if I liked it and I just nodded sheepishly. He then made me swear to never, ever, tell anyone … especially our parents. I assured him I wouldn’t tell anyone, and to this day I have never told anyone in the family. He trusted me as he was pretty sure I’d never told on him before and besides, almanbahis yeni giriş this was our dark little secret and we both knew it.

The following Christmas, we did it again in the attic of his parent’s house. This time I was much more prepared for what to expect and had actually been looking forward to it for several months. The attic was cold, butt my cousin had brought candles and laid an old mattress on the floor. We had to be very quiet as the house below was completely full of family. He brought Vaseline this time and got a huge kick out of me helping him slather it all over his rock hard cock. I slipped out of my panties, hiked up my party dress and assumed the position on the mattress. He liberally applied the gooey jelly to my little brown Cat’s Eye and knelt behind me.

Again, it hurt for just a few seconds. Butt as soon as he got it all the way in and we both relaxed for a moment, it began to feel so good. He went much slower this time and lasted longer than when we were in the tree house. Butt, when he did cum, it was much bigger and this time I knew exactly what it was. He didn’t immediately pull his dick out and when it just sort of slipped out, we both rolled over into a spooning position and laid there for maybe twenty minutes.

My cousin and I never “did it” again, as he joined the Navy the day after graduating High School and I was soon starting to date and play around with other boys. We didn’t live in the same city anyway and usually only saw each other on holidays and family reunions.

My husband would please me from behind when we were dating, as he knew I liked it and he has always been very sweet to me. Once we were married, he would still use the back door occasionally, like when I was on my period, or during the later stags of my two pregnancies. However, he really never liked it and always said, “Why in the world would I pass up a perfectly good pussy, only a quarter inch away, to fuck your corn hole?”

In the years since my kids were born, I have tried all forms of anal masturbation. I have tried butt plugs, vibrators, beads, dildos, dozens of lubes and jellies, and even enemas. Butt nothing can cum close to the real thing. I absolutely love the feel of a real man slipping in behind me. Nothing can compare to having a man’s hand on each hip and having him direct those hips back and fourth while his rock hard tool slides in almanbahis giriş and out that tightest of bodily holes. I love the sound of his breath as he slowly pumps me back and fourth and to feel the perspiration and body heat build on his skin. And absolutely nothing can compare to the rush I feel when reaches that point of no return and slams hard against my ass and his cock throbs and explodes with wave after wave of total release. No toy or man made gadget can cum anywhere close to that feeling.

My dear sweet husband knows of my stern desires and does not want to deprive me. He knows of this ad and I have his permission to seek a back-up lover, as long as he never has meet you, you never hurt me and we keep our little affair in the highest of confidence.

My rules are that you be clean and disease free. Age and race are unimportant, butt preferably a residence of Central Texas so we can see each other on a regular basis. I would require that you have a rock hard tool, can cum multiple times and have a rather quick recovering time. I also prefer a man with length over girth; long is good, butt thick can hurt. Of course, as I’m well known in the community as a PTA member and soccer Mom, I also need absolute discretion at all times. Just because my husband knows, does not mean my kids and neighbors need to know. In fact a married man would get bonus points in my selection process.

A little more about me … I’m in my mid-thirties, height and weight appropriate, still very shapely, spotlessly clean, non-smoker, drug and disease free, no tattoos, no piercings, blonde on top and nicely trimmed on the bottom. I absolutely love multiple pops; usually the first from behind and then a second on my back so I can masturbate myself as my Greek lover slowly and smoothly travels that old dirt road. If you’re really lucky, I’ll even squirt on that gleaming rod of yours to add more lube to the fun.

Before, during and after banging the bung hole, my entire body will be at your disposal, with one major exception; you may not fuck my pussy, as that now and forever belongs to the dearest and sweetest man I know … my husband. But you can lick, kiss, ream and rim anything and everything (including my pussy) and if you do a really good job, I’m sure I will return the favor.

So … you’ll have to cover the cost of a hotel room, and be available during the day on a regular basis, say weekly. I’ll bring the candles, the wine, the condoms and my favorite lube. You be sweet, hard, horny and on time; and I’ll give you the best little piece of ass you’ve ever had.

Your backdoor loving booty call,

Texas Brown Eyed Girl

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