Anal Romp Fantasy


Katie looks hot on the dance floor, shaking her booty. We are just friends, but she has the hottest ass. After a couple drinks, we get flirty and start talking dirty. She tells you that she likes doing most anything, especially BDSM, being someone’s slave, spanking, and being whispered to about what someone would like to do with her.

“Awesome,” you say. “I love watching your ass move and would love to come up behind you and do sweet things to it!”

Playfully she says, “Hmmm, Dave, why don’t you tell me what exactly it is you’d like to do?”

You move closer to her and whisper the story below into her ear.

“Well first, Katie, you’ve been a bad girl today, so I start by coming up behind, grabbing your ass and giving it a good smack. The sound fills the air and your ass looks a little red, but you like it.”

“Was I bad?” she smiles.

“Yes, very bad, and I smack your ass again. You instinctively bend over for more, which I supply. Then I lay you down bottom side up on the bed, spread your arms and legs, and tie your ankles and wrists to the bed posts. I used a golden braided drapery rope the first time I tied up my girlfriend”, you tell her. “She kept protesting with a smile, ‘nooo, don’t do that’, but I said ‘yesss baby’. Now that you’re tied down, I come up behind you, get down on all fours, and approach your hot ass from behind. My tongue begins to explore, slowly travelling up your inner thighs, reaching your pussy lips, and slowly parting them with my tongue. I reach up to as much of your pussy as I can get to from behind. You try raising your ass up in the air as far as the ropes will allow and pine for deeper penetration of my tongue into your hole. It’s so sexy seeing you lay there tied up, being so submissive to my desires. I can have you anyway I want now, and do anything and everything I want to you. I love a submissive woman, so beautiful in her vulnerability.”

My description continues. “You’re way wet now, a combination of your pussy juice and my saliva. I move my tongue around in wide wet circles, opening your pussy as far as I can, and almanbahis şikayet then start eating the entire back side of your body. My tongue flicks up against your asshole, pretty, puckered and pink. As it hits your taboo place, I see you twitch with the sensation, and then you raise your ass toward it, as a flower instinctively raises to the sun.”

Katie is licking her lips now, and I see the breathing in her chest quicken. “You are so fucking hot, Dave. I love your words, and the passion in your voice. Keep going, tell me more!”

You feel the blood rushing to your cock, and start getting hard under the table. You move closer to her and continue whispering in her ear. “You want more of the sensation, but at first I deprive you. You begin to moan and plead, ‘pleeese do it to me, it feels sooo fucking good.’ I reach around under you and firmly grab your tits and squeeze hard on your erect nipples. In order to reach your nipples, my face is now buried deep into your ass and I can go no further without deeply pleasuring you there. You submit. Now you are my slave.”

“As I pinch your nipples, you begin to moan deeper, raising your ass into me, and now my tongue is doing circles around and into your asshole. It’s so carnal and fantastically hot what I’m doing to you, and like a good slave, you take it, knowing that I am having my way with you in your submission. I’m licking you hard and deep now, and biting your asshole with my lips. Your butt cheeks are shaking as you quiver and my face bores deep into you.”

Katie leans over and flicks her tongue into your ear, whispering, “Dave, you are getting me so wet. Keep talking.!”

“Your cunt and entire butt are now as wet as a sponge, so I raise up behind you and put the tip of my cock on the outside of your asshole. I begin to shove the head of my cock into your ass opening, spreading you open. You begin moaning, feeling the slight pain that is not without a deep and carnal pleasure. You know what is next, and call out ‘nooo, it’s too fucking big and won’t fit’. ‘Relax baby and pleasure me,’ I reply. You are my almanbahis canlı casino slave and I will do what I want with you. Give yourself to me and submit to my desires for your hot ass. You cease your pleas and moan deeply when you hear me talk to you like that, raising your butt higher for my taking. You realize now you have no choice, and you give yourself over to full submission.”

“I begin to push my cock into you more, pulling in and out with each deeper thrust to lubricate you with all your outside wetness. Your asshole is getting slippery now with the juice, mixing with my precum. You are moaning deeply now, no longer objecting, raising your ass higher and submitting to the thrusts. You look so hot laying there, doing what I want, being my anal sex slave, and my balls are so ready to pop.”

“I feel my first orgasm building inside, and feel my cock start to pulse inside your tight asshole. Then I let loose, blasting away and filling your ass with my cum. As you feel my cock pulsating and blowing inside you, you raise your ass as high as the ropes will allow, and moan a deep animal moan. I withdraw my cock from you, even as you are stretching and begging for more.”

Katie reaches under the table, and grabs my cock. “Feel how wet you are making me,” she says, and takes your hand. She pulls you hand under the table and draws it into her wet pussy. It is dripping with her horniness. You part her pussy lips and cover your fingers with juice, then draw your hand back above the table. Looking her the eyes, you put your fingers in your mouth and start licking her pussy juice off them. She moans and squeezes you cock harder. “Keep going,” she says.

“Next, I untie the ropes, flip you over and tie you up again even harder. Then I grab your nipple clamps and attach those, watching them flatten your perky hard nipples. Your eyes close and you really need to cum now. I work my way down your body with my tongue, from top to bottom this time. Biting your nipples even harder, sucking your abs and moving to your clit. Your legs are already spread open from the ropes, almanbahis casino so you’re already fully exposed and ready. Your juice is dripping and the bed is already soaking wet from your juice. I start pressing my tongue into your wet cunt, going as deep as I can. Then I withdraw, find your clit and start biting it, squeezing it between my tongue.”

“I move back and forth between clit biting and deep tongue penetration into your engorged cunt. You’re writhing now in pleasure and are ready to explode. With one final thrust, I plunge my tongue deep and hit your clit at the same time with my upper lip and you explode. Your cunt juice is flowing out in spasms, soaking me. You keep coming and coming. Your juice is in my mouth and there’s so much of it, I just start swallowing it so that I can keep pumping you with my tongue. I love to pleasure my slave.”

Katie is visibly shaking now. She leans over again and says, “Dave, I need to have you tonight. I know we’re good friends, but I need you to do to me what you’re describing.”

“With pleasure,” you reply. “But my story’s not over!”

“Ok, keep going, baby”, Katie pants.

“As the orgasmic waves in your body begin to ebb, you collapse, submitting to the ropes. We are both drenched and the sensual odor of our mixed love juices fills the air. I raise up again and plunge my long hot cock deep into your cunt. You strain from the ropes for deeper penetration, but you are my slave and I will have you as I want. I hold myself up on my forearms and repeatedly thrust as deep as I can into you over and over again, smashing against the very top of your cunt. You lay there so submissively and it is such a turn on. I feel your pussy walls begin to tighten, your eyes roll back, your body convulses and your start moaning and squirting again. Your cunt juice is gushing all over me and feels and sounds so fucking hot. Your contracting cunt sets me off, and I empty my balls into you again. My contracting cock keeps gushing, spewing my cum into your body. There is so much of it, your eyes widen and it begins to pour our of your cunt. We are sooo wet now, covered in cum. As we finish the last of our pulsating orgasms, we both collapse on each other. And I say, ‘yes, now you’ve been a good girl Katie!’ “

“Let’s get the fuck out of here, Dave,” Katie moans. “This is going to be so good!”

The End

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