Anal Annie


This story is fiction and has no real truth.


I have been married for about three years. My wife Annie and I dated for four years before our marriage so we have been together for seven years. Annie is a beautiful 5’6″ 135 Lb. brunette with 36 D tits. She has dark brown eyes and a great ass that can be grabbed 24/7. I am 6’1, 200 Lbs with short dark hair and dark eyes. I have about a 6.5 inch dick that is pretty thick.

During our first four years, our sex life was awesome. We’d fuck every chance we could get. We did anything and everything. She gave me road head all the time. We’d fuck at social gatherings such as her cousins wedding. We were hot, nasty and taboo. Anal sex was a regular part of our routine.

Once we got married, something changed. All of a sudden, there needed to be more justification for sex. Sex became mundane and boring with Annie. She went from giving me head daily to maybe three times a year. Anal sex stopped as she decided it made her feel dirty and disrespected. While I never wanted to disrespect her, I could not believe that we went from doing anal almost daily to never. The last major change was where we had sex. We used to do it anywhere and everywhere. Once on a road trip from DC to Disney World, we stopped at a gas station and fucked in the bathroom. Annie’s cousins wedding was so boring, we snuck into the bridal suite and fucked during the “party”.

One night I got out of work early and rather then let Annie know I was on my way home, I decided to just surprise her. I picked up some flowers, some chocolates and a bottle of champagne hoping to romance Annie. I arrived home to a dark house. I guessed Annie may have been sleeping since the house was dark and she did not yell hello to me.

I slowly walked up the stairs and began to hear some noises that I did not like hearing. The sound of a bed bouncing and some heavy panting sent me into a rage. My wife’s moans were echoed by the moans of another man. It hit me that Annie was cheating on me. My home office is located just across the hall way from our bedroom. I have a baseball bat on display in the office and I went to go grab it so I could hit the bastard who was fucking my wife. I then heard Annie moan, “I want you stick that hard cock in my tight ass”.

As I heard this and I heard my wife make the moans I am accustomed to hearing as her o-ring was stretched and a hard cock penetrated deep into her asshole. I realized I was not pissed at the guy she was fucking but I was pissed at her. Our marriage was over as I had no desire to stay married to a lying, deceitful bitch. So I sat in my office and watched as my wife’s lover pounded her ass doggy style in a mirror. I watched as this guy’s hips pumped back and fourth as his cock went in and out of my wife’s asshole. He grunted and moaned at how tight her ass was and how he was close to cumming.

“Shoot your load deep in my ass baby!” Annie shouted. In the mirror this guy picked up his pace and pumped Annie harder and then grunted and slammed into her. He moaned out loud that was cumming and Annie, groaned a loud, “Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.” Annie collapsed to her stomach as the guy fell on top of her. I am sure his cock was still buried in her ass. I always told Annie I loved seeing her asshole gaping wide and then seeing her ass spit cum out of it and she told her lover to look at her gaping ass.

Through the mirror, I saw Annie turn around and begin to clean this guy’s dick off with her mouth. Annie has not done an ass to mouth with me in years. Annie then stated, “You better get dressed and get out of here. The fucker will be home shortly.”

Not wanting to be discovered, I slipped out of my office and snuck outside of the house. I simply stayed in my car and waited about ten minutes when Annie’s lover walked out of my front door. I watched him get into his car and drive off. I decided to follow him home to see where he lives and he lived only three minutes from my house. Leaving his car in his driveway, he walked up to his house and almanbahis was greeted by a beautiful brunette. They kissed and he went inside with the brunette.

Having used to work for AAA, I went up to Annie’s lover’s car and jimmied the door open. In the glove compartment, I found his registration card and it was registered to a Rob and Tricia. I matched the address to where we were and sure enough this was Rob’s house. As I closed the door to Rob’s car I took my key and keyed his car in three or four places. How dare this married fucker come into my house and fuck my wife. He is lucky I did not kick his ass and all I did was key his car.

I drove home and went inside to my darling wife Annie who of course was asleep. I still brought in the flowers, chocolates and champagne and tried to get some action. Not that I wanted to fuck her, but because I wanted to see her reaction. She thanked me for the romantic gesture, but said she was on her period and was not in the mood.


Over the next few weeks, I watched Annie and Rob almost 24/7. I even hired a private investigator to tail them, take pictures and video of them. After two weeks of surveillance and a bill of $14,000 I had more then enough information that proved Rob and Annie were having an affair. If the pictures didn’t prove it, the camera the PI installed in the bedroom sure did. Rob and Annie fucked everyday. Annie constantly was taking it in the ass, getting facials and doing everything, she told me for the last few years she no longer wanted to do because she was too old at 26.

My PI also confirmed that there was no way Tricia knew that her husband was having an affair. So I decided to approach Tricia with my information. I watched Rob leave for work and then I knocked on the door. Fearing I was a solicitor, Tricia said she was not interested and was closing the door when I yelled, “Rob is cheating on you.” After denying things for a few moments, Tricia invited me in and I explained her everything that was happening. I also explained to her that I wanted to pay each of them back one at a time. I told Tricia my plan, surprisingly she agreed to it. I did tell her that I wanted to get even with Annie first. This worked out well because I was suppose to take Annie out for dinner that evening and Tricia told me Rob would be out of town that night on a one day business trip. Tricia and I firmed up our plans and I gave her a key to my house.

I gave Annie a beautiful bouquet of flowers before taking her to her favorite restaurant. We had a nice meal, had some wine, flirted a bit and generally had a good time. Towards the end of dinner, I got very affectionate and flirty with Annie. She seemed interested in playing so I guess she realized that she had to give me my monthly sex quota. On the way home as she flirted I mentioned that I really wanted to fuck her in the ass and it had been so long. Annie got a little miffed and stated that I would ruin the night by bringing it up. I nicely just asked how come we used to do it all the time and now we never do. She simply stated she did not enjoy it; it hurt and was not pleasurable for her. I told her that was fine and we finished our drive home.

As we came into the house I immediately began to grope and kiss Annie. It did not take long before we were naked in our bedroom and about to fuck when I rolled Annie onto her hands and knees, I quickly grabbed handcuffs that I had placed under my pillow and hand cuffed Annie’s hands behind her back. So now she was on her knees with her head on the bed and her ass up in the sky.

“You are nothing but a no good bitch!” I yelled. As I yelled this I slapped Annie’s ass as hard as I possibly could. She screamed in pain and I simply reached back and slapped her other ass cheek just as hard. She yelled again and asked what the fuck I was doing. At this point, Tricia emerged from the closet holding a black leather belt. Annie seemed stunned. “What are you doing here?” Annie asked.

It was as if Annie knew exactly who Tricia almanbahis yeni giriş was, only did not understand why she was here. Clearly, Annie had been to Tricia’s house to fuck Rob. Tricia simply smiled reached back and slapped Annie right across the face as hard as she could, causing Annie to begin crying. Tricia handed me a leather belt and I proceeded to use the belt to whip Annie’s ass five times causing her two ass cheeks to be bright red. At this point I walked in front of Annie, grabbed her face, squeezed it and made dead eye contact.

“Annie, you unfaithful bitch, I know you have been fucking this woman’s husband for the last few weeks. Now you are going to get payback and learn how it feels to be betrayed.

At this point Tricia was standing next to me, so we were both right in front of Annie. Tricia turned around and bent over putting her ass right in Annie’s face. “Annie, you are going to kiss Tricia’s ass until I tell you to stop,” I stated.

Annie started to argue, so I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her forward into Tricia’s ass. Annie’s nose and mouth were literally in Tricia’s asshole.

Out of nowhere Tricia yelled, “You better stick that tongue of yours up my ass you lousy slut.” Annie was trying to break free and I just pushed her face deeper into Tricia’s ass. “Lick my ass you bitch….mmmmm yeah that’s it. Oooooh, her tongue is inside my asshole,” Tricia moaned.

I pulled Annie’s face out of Tricia’s ass and Annie looked at me all upset and begged me to stop and not make her do it any more. So naturally I shoved Annie’s face back into Tricia’s ass and told her to keep French kissing it until I told her to stop. Tricia said that there was no tongue in her butt so I took the leather belt and whacked Annie’s ass again.

Tricia began to give a play by play of Annie’s tongue job. “Her tongue is deep in my asshole. It feels so good, and knowing she tastes my shit is just making me hornier.” It was easy to tell that Tricia enjoyed getting her asshole eaten.

I was now pretty worked up and hard as a rock. But I had a dilemma. Where should I bury my cock, in Annie or in Tricia? It did not take me long to decide. Since Annie was telling me she did not like anal sex, yet I heard her beg Rob to cum in her ass, I decided that Annie’s ass would again be mine. Keep in mind at the moment, my wife was naked, handcuffed in a doggy style position and her ass was high in the sky. Also keep in mind, Tricia was bent over in front of Annie and Annie’s face was in Tricia’s ass. As I lubed my cock up, I could hear Tricia continue to tell Annie to keep kissing her ass and to keep licking her butt hole.

With my prick all lubed, I scooted behind Annie’s ass, lined up the head of my cock with her pink starfish and simply began to push my cock in to her butt. I met some serious resistance at first. Annie was very tense and not relaxed. She pulled her face out of Tricia’s ass, looked back over her shoulder at me and shouted, “Please stop!”

Just as Annie shouted no, her sphincter finally gave in and began to expand so as to let my thick hard dick inside. As I pushed it in her ass, it really turned me on seeing my cock split her ass in half. Seeing my thick dick inside her asshole was so sexy. Her ass was very tight. It felt so good to have my dick in her butt. It was so tight, so rigid and so nasty. I liked knowing she was helplessly handcuffed.

Annie interrupted my thoughts and looked over her shoulder and begged me to stop fucking her ass. With my dick entirely insider her ass, I took one hand and slapped that no good cheating bitch across the face and said, “Shut up you slut. Your ass belongs to me and I will do what I want.”

Tricia then grabbed Annie’s face and told her that she was in for a treat. Tricia explained she was going to scoot under Annie and work out her clit and pussy as I fucked her ass. In the mean time, she told Annie she had better lick her ass and her pussy good or else Annie’s face would get slapped repeatedly by almanbahis giriş Tricia.

With that Tricia slid under Annie and these two hot women were now in a 69 position. Tricia so nicely licked my balls before she began to go to work on Annie’s clit. Annie, to her credit began doing a masterful tongue job on Tricia and Tricia squirted all over the place quickly with an incredible orgasm. As Tricia came I felt Annie’s butt get very tense and Annie soon exploded with her own orgasm. This only made me fuck Annie ass harder and as Tricia continued to work Annie’s pussy, she also would bite her clit. Not hard, but just hard enough for Annie to be confused whether she was in pain or ecstasy. Meanwhile as I pounded Annie’s ass harder, I felt the need to put one hand around her neck and choke her. Not choke her until she suffocated, but enough to increase her sexual pleasure.

As my balls bounced off Annie’s clit, they graved Tricia’s forehead, I realized I wanted to fuck Tricia in the ass as well. I pulled out of Annie’s ass and walked in front of the bed. I lifted Annie’s face out Tricia’s pussy and shoved my filthy cock down Annie’s throat as hard as I could. I made her skull fuck my cock and taste her nasty ass and made her gag on my dick.

Saliva dripped out of my wife’s mouth and as she looked up at me with pity in her eyes, I simply spit in her face. I then used my wife’s saliva to relube my cock and stuck my dick right in Tricia’s ass. It took a couple of seconds, but Tricia clearly does anal regularly as her ass expanded pretty quick. With Tricia lying under my wife, her legs were up in the air and my wife’s face was in her pussy and I was now fucking her ass. I stared out slow but then picked my pace up. I was very sexy to see Tricia’s ass really expand. She was the ultimate gaper. Meanwhile my wife began to convulse into another orgasm and as she came she lifted her face off of Tricia’s pussy. I took this chance to pull out of Tricia’s ass and gag my wife with my cock now making her taste Tricia’s butt juice and my wife continued to cum harder.

I pulled out of Annie’s mouth and went back into Tricia’s ass. I knew I was very close to cumming, but I wanted Tricia’s ass for a few more strokes. Feeling the cum build up in my balls I had to stop. I pulled out of Tricia and proceeded to grab my wife by the hair and pull her up to her feet by her hair. I then pushed the bitch back on to the bed, and spun her around so her head was now hanging off the bed. I stuck my cock into her mouth and tried to choke her with it. She gagged and coughed. I pulled out and told her to lick my balls. She obeyed. As this was going on, Tricia was continuing to eat my wife’s pussy. We slid Annie so she was on the bed at which point I straddled her face and ordered her to lick my ass. Tricia meanwhile was nibbling Annie’s clit and had four fingers in Annie’s ass

Annie exploded into another orgasm and stuck her tongue deeper in my butt as a result. This led to me almost losing it…I hopped up, pulled Annie by her hair to the floor, got her on her knees and proceeded to shoot a massive load of hot cum all over her face an some of course hit her tits. Her face was fully covered in my spunk; she looked like a glazed donut.

Annie was exhausted. Tricia and I had much more to our plan. Tricia yanked Annie up by the hair and we dragged her into the closet. Our closet was old and had wood beams in the ceiling. We uncuffed Annie’s left hand made her stand on a chair. We then lifted her arms up and re-hand cuffed her. This time the chain connecting the two hand cuffs was placed over one of the ceilings wooden beams. Annie, weak legged and tired was forced to stand up. She was still covered in my cum, and to make her more uncomfortable, Tricia stuck a butt plug in Annie’s ass.

“We’re going to go take care of your lover you little whore. You have a nice night hanging from the rafters,” I said. Annie started to yell at me and call me an asshole. Tricia, grabbed her panties, wiped her gaping ass with them and then proceeded to gag Annie’s mouth with them.

Tricia and I got dressed and went to take care of Rob, who would be back the next morning. Annie would be hanging out for a while and I’d finish with her upon my return.

To be continued…

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