An End To The Arguments

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As I start drifting off to sleep, I hear them yelling again through the thin wall of my apartment. It’s been every night this week and I wish they would just get divorced and give up on the arguing and then I could have my peaceful nights and evenings back. Instead I just get to lie here and listen to them arguing about how much he works and how little she does around the house. I would bang on the wall again but that doesn’t have any effect, in fact if anything, it just seems to makes it worse. I have an important interview in the morning and I need to get some sleep but I know that they haven’t started the sex fight part yet. That’s how they always end, he doesn’t do it for her and she doesn’t do it enough. Fidgeting in my bed I try and get comfortable and close my eyes, trying to block out the noise. Finally, I hear the sex fight happening, it’s coming to an end at 1.30 in the morning. Great, I think to myself sarcastically, maybe four hours’ rest before my interview, that’s just what I need. Covering my head with my duvet I concentrate on my breathing and at last, slip off to sleep. My alarm rings and I almost start to cry as I see its 5.30 and I’m so tired. Dragging myself out of bed and to the shower I must make myself presentable. My black skirt suit is on its hanger along with my white shirt and my lace underwear is ready with my stockings and heels. Once dressed and with my hair and makeup done I grab a Red Bull and drink it down. Most people would go for coffee but I find it gives me a much greater caffeine hit, especially this early in the morning. Heading out of the door to get the train I yawn, my eyes still feeling heavy and so I shake my head, trying to wake up. I stand in the carriage by an almanbahis şikayet open window forcing myself to stay awake. I want this job, damn, I need this job, so I will sleep after the interview. I get off the train and take the short walk to the drab building for my appointment. I’m fifteen minutes early but I hate being late, it’s not a good first impression to give my prospective new employer. Checking in for my interview, the receptionist asks me to take a seat in a small office room along the corridor and to report back in ten minutes. I sit and start to read the book that I’ve pulled from my bag. My legs are crossed demurely and I concentrate on the words. Suddenly I jump as my book, along with my bag, hit the floor making a loud bang. I lean down to pick them up and then start to panic as I remember where and why I’m here. Checking my watch, I realise that I must have been asleep for an hour. Grabbing my things, I run out of the room to the front desk and apologise profusely for being late but all she does is dismiss me saying I was too late, tardiness cannot be tolerated and with a shake of her head, she sends me away saying I that missed my appointment.Walking out and feeling totally miserable I look around the shops for a few hours trying to cheer myself up. I buy a bottle of wine before deciding to drown my sorrows with a few drinks at my local pub. As the sun starts to set, I trudge home, kick off my shoes and throw my jacket and bag on the floor. I sit on my bed drinking the wine from the bottle, and being thankful for screw caps. I don’t notice the time till the arguing starts yet again. I swallow down another mouthful and stand up. I wobble a little as I have drunk a lot but almanbahis canlı casino now I’m not just pissed, I’m angry and pissed and I have had enough. Walking out my flat with no shoes on and forgetting my keys, the door shuts behind me but I don’t notice as I stomp to the apartment next door. I am going to bang on their door until I get an answer. I am more than ready to shut them up once and for all.The door flies open and there is John standing in front of me with Sophia just behind him, peering over his shoulder. I have known them for a couple years and often had girly days out with Sophia, but my patience is exhausted, as well as my body. I don’t give them a chance to say anything but storm into their lounge and let rip. I tell them that their constant arguing cost me a new job today and how I haven’t slept for more than four hours each night because of them. I tell them that I can repeat all their arguments word for word and it’s about time they got professional help or otherwise it’s time for them to divorce. They stand there letting me rant.Sophia comes over to me and tries to calm me down. As she puts her arms around me I start to cry and then John asks me why I have no shoes on. I explain to them that I just stomped out as I was so angry and have no keys to get back home. They laugh softly and sympathetically and as my sobs recede, I see the funny side too. John moves to sit the other side of me on the sofa.”Well, Angel, it seems you could be the solution that might stop us arguing,” he says, as I rest my aching head in my hands. “Oh, I don’t feel well,” I moan in reply, not hearing a word.Sophia helps me upstairs to their bathroom. I hug the toilet for a little while trying not almanbahis casino to be sick and then while I’m alone I decide that I really do need to sleep. I slowly walk to the first bed I can find and collapse on top of it, closing my eyes and drifting off. Waking up slowly an unknown time later, my eyes are blurry as I search around the unfamiliar room. I feel a lot less nauseous as I touch my body up and down. I run my hands down to my tummy feeling my bare skin. I’m naked but I don’t recall getting naked. I close my eyes and try my hardest to remember what happened but apart from my shouting at John and Sophia, it’s all a blank. My train of thought is broken when I hear a moan, then another one. I turn my head slightly and see them through the open door in the next room, Sophia and John are fucking. She’s riding him and both are as naked as I am, her eyes are closed and her big boobs are bouncing around. I watch as she runs her fingers through her hair and he runs his hands up her tummy to caress her tits. He is talking to her and I strain to listen, concentrating on what he is saying. “Her hands gripping your tits, pinching and pulling your nipples. Angel moves to lick your nipples, her tongue teasing them.”Suddenly it dawns on me, he’s talking about me touching her, my hands on her. His wife being caressed by another girl. Instantly my pussy tingles and I feel the wetness start to grow. I am suddenly shockingly sober and find myself moving carefully along the bed and tip-toeing quietly into their room. My body movements are overriding my brain and at this point my pussy is winning.Sliding my left leg over John’s head, my bare smooth pussy covers his mouth and instantly his tongue is pushing into me. Sophia has stopped moving and is just watching my every move. I can see the nervous look in her face so I decide to go gently and slowly. I lean in and kiss her right cheek and then her left, her eyes starting to close as I continue kissing along her jaw line.

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