Amazing Afternoons


I was very young and married and unhappy. My sex life was almost non-existent. I felt that I was attractive. I was 5’4” and 125lbs. I had nice boobs that jutted straight out. Not very big but they were very nice. They were a 34C. Long straight hair, dark blonde in color, couldn’t do a thing with it. Big blue eyes and a very large smile.

I figured there was more in life than this. That is when my best friends’ husband, Kyle, started coming over to visit me almost every afternoon. He was extremely tall. Black hair and green eyes, which made most women melt when he gazed upon them. We had been friends for quit awhile, and I thought I was immune. I guess I was wrong.

Kyle started talking about how I deserved more than what I had. I was married to a nice person, but he drank a lot and he got violent when he drank too much. I started looking forward to his visits. I started taking my showers at noon instead of in the morning. I wanted that fresh shower smell. I also put the baby down for her nap a little later so that we wouldn’t be bothered. We would sit and talk and flirt for a couple of hours until the baby woke up or he just went home. I got to feel that if something came up and I didn’t get to see him, then my whole day was almost ruined.

I started dressing a little more seductive. I had a see thru top that I wore with a very lacy bra underneath. The lacy bra barely covered my nipples. That day he couldn’t take his eyes off of my chest. Finally he looked up at me and then down at my heaving breasts. He let out a long breath and then said “ I think the way you look I had better go home before something happens.”

The next day I wore a tight shirt with no bra and my nipples protruding. But I was covered up and he seemed to be ok with that.

I didn’t see Kyle for a couple of days after that. He came over inexpertly around noon on the following Monday. I had on a pair of daisy dukes and a very short tee shirt. I was sitting cross-legged on the couch and just gabbing away when I noticed that Kyle wasn’t saying much. He seemed to be concentrating on something. I then realized that he was staring at my legs. At least I thought he was. I just gabbed on and on and after a little while I moved a little. That is when Kyle rose up quickly and left. I was puzzled. I looked down at myself and realized that my pussy was almost completely exposed. I don’t wear underwear so the little bit of material of my shorts was tucked between my pussy lips. And the way I was sitting crossed-legged, I was basically spread eagle, letting it all hang out. I guess that finally got to him and he had to leave. I couldn’t have planned it any better if I had tried.

Kyle stayed away for a few days. He came over at the end of the week. We had a soda and talked and he left. No problem there. Everything seemed back to normal.

On that following Sunday, I was laying out in the back yard. My husband was home and we were taking turns with the yard work and watching the baby. It was a very nice day. It was very sunny and pleasant. Kyle and his wife decided to drop by and say Hi. That was very nice. I was lying on a chase lounge in the back yard and I had basically forgotten that I had my top off. So when Kyle sat down on the chair across from me and asked me a question. I rose up to answer him and he got a big eyeful of my great tits. His eyes bulged out and it seemed that his breath caught in his throat. He didn’t know what to say. My friend Diana witnessed this from the kitchen and with a laugh she almanbahis şikayet came outside and told me to quit teasing Kyle. I just chuckled and turned back over.

On that following Tuesday, I took extra long in the shower. I wanted to look extra good and to smell extremely nice. I wanted Kyle to take notice of it. He asked me what fragrance I had on because it smelled so good. I really appreciated the fact that he noticed. We sat and talked a little while the started watching a TV program. I went over to the couch and sat next to Kyle so that I could see the TV better than I could from across the room. After a little while, Kyle put his hand on my thigh and left it there. I was wearing shorts, so the skin-to-skin contact was electrifying. I couldn’t think of anything but his hand on my naked thigh. I kept wishing for him to move it up but he didn’t.

The next 2 days we didn’t see each other, because the baby wasn’t feeling well. On Friday all was normal again so Kyle came over. I had gone to the grocery and wore a little mini skirt and short crop top. I didn’t have a bra or underwear on. I hate being confined. As we were talking, I was doing a few things around the room. I picked up a few things to put them in their proper places. I went over to the cds that were lying on the floor and bent over to pick them up. Without thinking, I bent over from my waist and gave Kyle a fantastic view of my very pretty shaved clean pussy. I put the discs away and kept finding other things to do. All the while we were talking about this book that both of us had read. As I was getting ready to sit down, Kyle picked up a jewel case and tossed it where the others had been. I got a little irritated, but I got up and went and bent over to pick it up. I put it away and when I went to sit down again, he did the same again. I looked over at him trying to figure out what he was up to. But he just gave me this innocent smile. I went over and squatted to pick them up. When I did that Kyle quickly exclaimed, “NO! Pick them up the way you did before!”

I was a little confused but I did as he asked. I rose up and went to put them away when Kyle tossed a few more over in the corner. They didn’t stay together; they were in a few different places. Now I was really getting irritated. He could tell and he started to chuckle. I bent over to pick them up and Kyle came up behind me and grabbed my hips and stuck his face right into my pussy. He quickly licked my juices, and then he bit me really hard at the top of my leg. He laughed and said, “That will teach you to tease me like that.”

I realized then that when I bent over not only could he see all of my pussy but also he could see my tits because my shirt rose up when I was bent over. The bruise lasted for over 2 weeks. I had a heck of a time coming up with a excuse for my husband when he saw it. But I used every opportunity to show it to Kyle, especially when I had to lower my jeans or lift up a skirt. That way I could then tease and tantalize him some more.

I have to admit that I was feeling better. I had something to look forward to and I was having fun. It didn’t seem like Kyle minded the flirting and the sexual teasing, he kept coming over. But it was giving me a lift in my life that at that time I needed. I was having fun.

About 6 weeks into the teasing I decided to really get all sexy with him. My husband was to be out of town for about 3 days and Diana had this big client that she had to wine and dine, so she would be out of the picture almanbahis canlı casino for a good part of the afternoon and night. No sooner had I put the baby to bed, the front door opened and Kyle walked in. I wasn’t ready. I still had my really pretty silk bathrobe on. It was a short gown, and it just tied in the front. I didn’t have it tied really tight because I wasn’t expecting anybody to be around. I guess Kyle had the same idea about getting all sexy with me. As I stood there looking at him coming through the door, I noticed that he had this glint in his eye. He looked at me from top to bottom. He seemed to ravage me. His look went right through me. I shuddered from the intense passion I felt from his look. I looked down and noticed that my robe was open about 3” all the way down. I went to close it and he grabbed my hand and twisted my arm around me and ordered me to “Leave it alone”

I had to do what I was told. I had no choice. Kyle then jerked my arm and pulled me closer to his body. I felt the heat coming from him. I instantly melted against him. He reached behind me and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head way back and kissed me roughly on the lips. I felt a very animal moan escape from my lips. He raised his head up from kissing me and I thought he was very angry with me. He just looked at me for a moment and then he kissed me again. He ravaged my mouth. He kept inserting his tongue and then removing it. He then put his tongue in as far as it would go and scraped the roof of my mouth. Then he took my tongue in his mouth and sucked it till I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like I had melted into the ground. It was so fucking awesome.

When he looked at me again, he still looked like he was angry. He finally said in a very gruff voice, “Is this what you were after? Or this?” When he asked this question he let go of my hair and roughly moved my robe aside and jammed his fingers into my very wet sex hole.

He still had my arm twisted around me and with his hand jammed into my hole; he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. As we entered the bedroom, I notice in the mirror that he was straining his pants in the front. If he got any bigger he would burst through his zipper.

He threw me down on the bed. I cried out because it was so unexpected. We started tearing at each other. I heard a rip and realized that I had torn his shirt down the front. We kept at that for a few minutes until finally Kyle had to roll over for a minute to release the largest cock I had ever seen. I licked my lips. That was all the invitation Kyle needed before he rammed his huge cock between my lips. I felt myself swallow his tremendous erection. He filled my mouth up completely. All I could think about was he filling another place that completely.

He must have known what I was thinking. In that instant, he flipped me over on my knees and rammed that huge dick between my legs. My pussy resisted for an instant before opening up in all its glory. I came instantly and flooded his dick with my juices.

“Oh God Yes, Fuck Me Hard” I screamed.

He kept up the hard angry thrusts until my whole body shuddered with the almost violence of the situation. I came again and again. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and bit me hard on the side of my neck. “Have you had enough?” he hoarsely whispered.

“Never” I cried back at him. With that I started to meet his thrust just as hard as he was thrusting into me. My poor little pussy was beginning to be a little almanbahis casino abused but loving it. The tremendous feelings that were coursing through my body, was causing my body to tremble almost as violent as Kyle’s thrusts.

I must have cum over a dozen times. I was so wet it was dripping all over the place. The bed was soaked. I could feel it running down my legs. I was very well lubricated.

I felt Kyle stop for a moment. I caught my breath. He raised my butt a little higher. I was on my knees with my head on the bed. My butt was really high in the air. Kyle had his hands on my hips and now he was holding on to me and thrusting even deeper. He slowed the pace. He slowly pushed it in and the very slowly slid it almost out. He did that a few times. In this way it used up the juices so that I could enjoy all of his massiveness. He kept this slow process up till I exploded again. I was so wet and slippery with my love juice. I could just imagine how he felt. He pulled out almost completely and then he rammed it in all the way. I then felt his hands move from my hips to my butt cheeks. I felt him open my cheeks up and then before I could blink an eye he had removed his very large and lubricated dick from my dripping pussy and started pushing it into my very tightest of holes. I let out a yell as the head found it mark,

Working its way into my tightest spot. He stopped only a moment to allow me to adjust to him. But I couldn’t adjust myself. He was too large for me. In my mind I thought, ”Oh this hurts, I’ve never done this before. He is so massive, he is too rough, and I have never let anybody be this intimate before. I only ever dreamed about this.”

Kyle could only get about half of his massive cock in. At the beginning he tried to go in slowly. But since it wouldn’t go in all the way he became angry again and started to push harder. He was ramming his manhood in my tight virgin asshole. He was opening me up to all his passions and desires. Out from the pain of his ramming came a burning desire of my own. Deep pleasure in the pits of my body started to engulf me. He grabbed my ass cheeks even more and spread them so I felt that he is going to rip them apart. He thrusts were getting even deeper and deeper and still he couldn’t get it all the way in. He reached around and starts to pinch and twist my clit. That is my undoing. I started to match his thrusts. I was abusing myself in a way that I never thought was possible. I wanted him inside of me. All of him, no matter how much it hurt. I thrust backward again and felt him slide a little further in. It was getting dry and very tight but the pain didn’t matter now. Nothing mattered but to have that enormous dick fully inside of me. To fill me up, to be in control of my very being was my greatest desire at that moment. I took his hands and put them back on my hips to help, and when he started to pull back I pulled forward. I then rammed my whole body backwards and with him holding my hips, I was able to ram it home. It felt like it was ripping me apart. But at the same time it filled me up and made me want more. It was totally awesome.

He pulled out some, and then he thrust it back all the way in. I didn’t want him to remove it at all. So I just pushed back as far as I could and started grinding my self onto his pelvis. I could feel our groins touching. I was grinding myself into him so much I thought his balls were going to enter my pussy.

All of a sudden Kyle grabbed my hips and started to really thrust in and out quicker and faster than before. In a matter of moments I felt that massive cock spill out all its manhood into my waiting ass.

Kyle fell on top of me and we lay there for a moment with him still inside of me.

Needless to say, the afternoon visits stopped.

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