Always Faithful – Chapter FiveThirty


Always Faithful by BobNbobbi © [Author’s note: I combined chapter 31 with chapter 30 because they seemed to go together in thrust and timeframe – there will be no chapter 31, the next chapter after this will be chapter 32] Chapter Thirty – Laura Abandon’s Dan for Greg – 2 LF had scheduled a Monday evening posing the day following Laura’s return. Greg was not pleased, but he didn’t sulk. “Okay little girl, strip down and let me ravish you. I’ve missed having you while you have been off playing with your boyfriend.” “Fuck you, bitch! You strip for me. I have been making love for two weeks and I need to fuck someone. You are it, and you are mine; strip now!” Laura led their sex parade; she eventually worked her fist inside LF as she bit all around the artist’s hips, thighs and pussy. LF did the sexual screaming this time. After their shared orgasm, Laura stayed in position on all fours with sweat dripping off her face. LF sketched the animal that just sexually attacked her. “Eat my pussy. Get me off quick. I need to dress and go home to my man.” “How did your posing go tonight”, Greg asked when Laura arrived home? “Good, strenuous, but very good. I think we are almost through.” > > > > – – The lovers had three peaceful days together before Laura boarded a plane for San Francisco and Business Lady. A first for Laura, BL booked a charter jet for her alone. The convenience of charter, jet speed, and early departure meant she was in her office in San Francisco at ten-thirty after her alarm sounded at four-thirty on the east coast. Friday at BL did not have the same ambience as her leisurely Friday’s having lunch with Greg. Laura closeted herself with the marketing staff from arrival until very late that afternoon. She had a very good excuse to duck Young Legal’s offer of dinner; she was tired from travel and had to be back in the office Saturday with Liaison. Laura worked feverishly getting ready for a big decision meeting Tuesday. The idea for fashion shows at legal conferences was all hers. The concept of using models from law firms was hers too. At four o’clock Saturday afternoon, Laura was satisfied with her pitch. She boiled three days hard work by the core marketing staff to a final closing slide with a simple message – OPENING A NEW LEVEL. The final slide, meaningless standing alone, would force the executive committee to vote up or down on Laura only. She was confident in getting an up vote. Laura worked with Liaison for almost two hours on that last slide alone. They tried a dozen variations of text and background until Laura was totally satisfied with the slide closing her pitch. “That’s it, we are done. Let’s get out of here.” Liaison agreed; they both needed to relax now. “I will go home and change; you do the same. Let’s do a girls night out, dress up and have fun.” “Meet up at my place at six-thirty; tonight is my treat.” At dinner, Liaison listened while Laura explained her new marital arrangement. Amazed was far too mild a term to describe her reaction to the tale Laura told. “Girlfriend, how do you do it? I just don’t understand.” “Do what? Have a husband and a lover, I am sure many women do.” “Laura, you are only seven years older than I am, but you are light years ahead in sophistication. I have an MBA and four years experience in marketing with BL. Your degree is general business and you are a secretary. Tuesday morning you are going to overwhelm our executive committee. How do you do it?” “Don’t knock the secretary thing; we are the ones who see everything. I also have two men who love and support me, a perfect husband, and an equally perfect lover. I guess I have a little bit of talent, call it ability. I am good, but more important I am lucky; I feel lucky. I feel lucky tonight. Let’s go find a club and a couple of guys to dance with us. I want one more drink, two dances, maybe three quick kisses, and then home to bed.” “Laura, I am not taking a guy home to my bed tonight.” “Oh no, I mean home to bed alone too.” Liaison and the cab driver decided on a dance club that might have some early action. The women sat at a almanbahis table sipping their first drink and looking over the unattached males. “How about those two over there, the taller guy is good looking?” “Yeah, and the other one looks like he has the right kind of muscles for a good bedroom workout. We are both going home alone, but we can take imagination with us, can’t we?” Laura led the approach, “Can two girls buy you guys a drink in exchange for a dance?” To drive home the question, Laura put her palm on Good Muscle’s chest and let her fingers roam. Tall Good Looking led Liaison straightaway to the dance floor. Good Muscle locked eyes with Laura, “Show me some moves.” Laura moved one of Muscle’s hands close to her breast as mirror image of her hand. “On the floor, let’s dance.” Their dance lasted through the song playing plus the DJ’s next selection. Laura took liberties touching, and she allowed her partner’s hands the same privilege. Liaison watched her friend dancing and decided to follow along. When the four returned to their table, all were hot and moist with perspiration. A waitress appeared; Laura ordered for all. “Scotch neat, something good; is that okay for everyone?” “You don’t believe in slow starts, do you?” The four all drank their scotch and swapped meaningless, flirty, conversation. The men tried to steer the night toward a bedroom; the women were simply having fun. When her glass was empty, Laura reached between Good Muscle’s thighs and asked if he was ready to dance again. He made no attempt to conceal the erection Laura caused as they went off to dance. Both couples danced three songs; they gave new definition to dirty dancing. Laura danced the first song with one of Good Muscle’s hands under her skirt to her waist. Liaison and Laura decided to switch partners for the second dance. The first time Laura danced away from Tall Good Looking to twist and shake his hand followed and felt her. When she danced back to him, she gave a tongue kiss. They repeated feeling and kissing throughout their dance. The girls returned to the table holding hands with the men as first paired. “One last good kiss please, and then it is time for these birds to fly away home.” The two men were left disappointed as Laura and Liaison disappeared from view, but the night was still young and it had only cost a drink apiece, so far. > > > > – – “Well hello, fancy you at my door. I didn’t know you were in town. Who is the lovely lady with you tonight?” Laura introduced Liaison as they went to Upper Floor’s sitting area. “I have told my friend a little about you and your interesting home. We are ending an early evening out after a long day in the office. I thought an in person introduction would be an amusing end to our day.” “I am glad you thought of me as a suitable last act for your evening.” Laura and Upper Floor continued stilted conversation through a snifter of French brandy. Liaison watched and joined in when she could. Finally Laura moved the conversation forward. “Show us your playroom; I want my friend to see what I have tried to describe.” Upper Floor led the way to his playroom; his attention directed solely to Liaison. He explained each whip fully, how made and used. “Your friend loves this one”, he handed Liaison the multi-strand flail. “Feel the soft leather when you run your fingers through the strands. It is a different soft when it strikes tender flesh. Used properly, this flail can turn your breast from delightful pink to flaming red, and you will ask for once more after each lash.” Liaison looked at their host with disbelief; she looked to Laura who was nodding her head yes. “You like this one?” Laura kept nodding her head and her tongue traced her upper lip. “Your breasts, your tits?” “Yes, my tits. When he uses the flail they are tits.” Liaison looked intently, “Where else? Where else on you?” Upper Floor intervened. “This is my playroom; you both look exquisite in your party dresses, but out of place in this room. You should at least remove your dresses, under things too, if we are to play.” “I brought my friend to almanbahis yeni giriş look, not to play. Not tonight.” “Humor an old man, my dear.” “Let me show you my favorite place, Liaison.” Holding hands the women walked to the balcony. A light San Francisco fog added eerie atmosphere. “Cuff me to the rail, turn the lights on me, call Mario and tell him to watch as you fondle me.” In just a few minutes, Laura heard the first call of puta through the fog. Upper Floor heard too; he reached between spread thighs to squeeze her silk covered mound. Laura moaned. “Who is Mario, where is he?” “He is a nasty little Mexican. He lives over there, the building across the way; he is on his balcony watching us.” Liaison crossed her arms over her chest to cover and conceal. “I want to fuck you for Mario tonight; I want to make you his puta.” “No, not tonight, we only play tonight.” “You love this, don’t you Laura? Just like the two guys at the club tonight, letting them feel you up all over. You really do love being a sex toy.” “She does love it.” “Tell me more about Mario.” “Mario likes to hurt. He uses the riding crop or the bull whip. He tries to make me cry. He has spit in my face and he has fucked my ass. He hurts me, but he hasn’t taken me yet.” “You like beating him? That is why the executive committee will roll over for you Tuesday. You always play to win.” Laura turned her head to her friend. “Take your bra off; show Mario your tits. Give your bra to Upper Floor.” Liaison was apprehensive; she reached halfway behind but no further. “Do it, show us; do you want Upper Floor to help?” Liaison finished the task, gave Upper Floor her bra and shook her breasts freely. Laura heard a new call from across the way, puta, puta, telefono puta. “Unfasten me so I can shake my boobies too. Then we girls are gone for the night.” Free from cuffs and bra, Laura shook herself at Mario. “Now for the fun part girlfriend, we just hold our dresses in front and ride the elevator down to my place. Upper Floor will escort us in exchange for a kiss at the doorstep.” > > > > – – Tuesday’s presentation to the BL executives was a triumph. The President and Chairman of the Board, along with their wives, hosted a to-die-for dinner party for Laura and the marketing staff who worked on her project. The first fashion show would be in Atlanta in early November. Laura asked Liaison if she wanted to invite SO to watch Upper Floor and Mario work her over Tuesday night after her success. Liaison declined, it was just the two women, two men, assorted whips, but only one sex object. > > > > – – Artsy decided it was finally time to begin working with LF on their portrait. Dan wanted Mrs. Patron’s input so they met at the country club for a first get together. Dan agreed that LF must control creativity, so she was given the leading role. Mrs. Patron offered her usual insightful viewpoint. The evening’s dinner and after conversation was about art, creativity, and the painting at hand. LF gave the couple her first direction. “Let’s have another drink by the dance floor; I want to watch you move together.” Dan led Artsy through a slow dance; the second song was faster and they danced free form moves. Artsy went to the leader of the combo to ask for something Latin. She led Dan in a rhythmic, sultry dance that generated heat, and a passionate kiss, before they returned to LF and Mrs. Patron. “Did that give you any ideas, any inspiration?” “Good, very good. I am beginning to see something.” Mrs. Patron offered her thoughts. “You dance well together, confidently. He is a good dancer, isn’t he LeeAnne?” Dan just listened to the women; he was starting to get excited about their portrait. LF wanted another perspective. “I want to take a walk around the grounds so I can see you in another setting. After this drink.” LF walked apart from the others, often walking backward to watch the interaction. Dan always stayed in between the two women; mostly he held hands with Artsy, but took Mrs. Patron’s hand too at times. LF could see he naturally assumed that male central role that she wanted almanbahis giriş so much to shake. As Dan and the two women passed in front of a light standard, LS felt the inspiration she had been seeking. “Stop! Stop there by the light pole.” She directed them; stand closer, now turn, apart, turn this way. Mrs. Patron tried to step away to give the artist her picture. “No, stay there! Take Dan’s hand and one step out. Another step, there, pull his hand to you.” LF looked; she moved around the scene she was creating. LF’s mind saw something beyond the literal sight in front of her. She saw a cone of light shining on two heads with lower bodies indistinct. Mrs. Patron stood off to the side in fuzzy shadow, but she always observed and influenced the two heads. Dan reached to Mrs. Patron for something; was it support, confidence, inspiration? LF scanned her scene, turned back to the core image she built in her mind and found the completing element. The glow from the lamp formed a joint and a barrier that united but separated her two subjects. “I have it; we can go now.” > > > > – – Tuesday, LF called both Dan and Artsy; to both she gave the same message. They were to avoid one another, stay apart as much as possible. “No sexual contact at all, I want you both at a fever of desire when we meet again.” LF worked with frenzy; after two weeks, her vision breathed life on canvas. Artsy had the gallery technician make a temporary installation in Mrs. Patron’s home. Saturday evening they would gather for the unveiling. LF called Dan, “You bring champagne. We deserve something special. Get a champagne you don’t normally drink. You will remember the brand whenever you see my work.” Dan went to his favorite wine store, he almost asked for Piper-Heidsieck until he recalled LF’s request for something different. “A case of Taittinger Brut please, chilled.” Dan didn’t think, until he closed the trunk lid, Taittinger is Greg’s brand; what, if anything, does that mean? Mrs. Patron was with her friend when Dan, Artsy and LF arrived. They drank a glass of wine before LF raised the question all were waiting for, “Are we ready?” Dan could tell the work was large, more so than he expected. LF pulled back the drape. Dan gasped; Artsy stared intently. Dan knew he did not have the art sophistication to completely understand LF’s intent. The portrait, certainly not portrait in the traditional sense, was abstract, yet real. It disturbed Dan, but struck his gut with its sense of reality. He could see himself; he could see Artsy. Even more compelling, Dan sensed a discordant togetherness. He reached to it, tentative but drawn. “Tell us about it”, Artsy directed. “It excites me; excites the artist in me. This is the start of a very good series. The two of you excite me. Together, you draw creativity from me.” Artsy nodded understanding; Dan looked, blinked at the picture of he and Artsy on canvas, he was beginning to see beyond lines and color to their relationship. It took a while to grasp, but finally Dan saw something more than selves; he could see their relationship. Their portrait was of potential and limitations. “Tell us what you see, Daniel.” Mrs. Patron continued in her role as teacher, her question an examination. Dan searched for the right words; he almost began to speak twice. “We are together above, but indistinct below. That slash across us is a demarcation. I have one of her breasts; she has part of me.” Dan reached to a splash of vague at the edge, “Mrs. Patron?” “Yes, your art sense is developing nicely.” “We have no gender; we are, you have, there is a word . . . .” All three women gathered close to Dan. “Transmuted is the only word I can think of, and I am sure that isn’t really a word.” “The two of you are far more interesting as subjects than Laura. Laura is simple, sexual. Together, you have far more complexity.” Silence deafened the room. Mrs. Patron poured another round of champagne. “Take your clothes off and make love, here in front of us. Artsy, attack him the way Laura would attack you if she were here. Use his sex; I want the next painting full in my mind tonight.” Through the fall and into early winter, Dan and Artsy modeled; LF painted. Mrs. Patron turned a sitting room into impromptu gallery and home for LF’s portrait series. Eventually there were six paintings.

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