Adam , Eve

Teen (18+)

She sprang from the moss beside the palms and white lillies, the first human on earth, and the most perfect creation of mother nature so far. She grew in the Garden of Eden, flourishing on the plump fruits and abundant spring waters, splashing in the lagoons and climbing through the jungles, her developing young breasts already full and bouncy. Her hair long and dark, strands slipping beside her oval face with adorning soft cheeks and pointed chin. Her buttocks looked plump beneath her thin waist and elegant back which the gentle sun had slightly darkened.

My mouth was watering at the sight of her lovely body as she squatted on the water’s edge, splashing pee down beneath her spread legs and looking up at the blue sky. I noticed as she slipped quietly into the lake that her body was quite different from my own, which was broader, bigger and more muscular. Although I didn’t have the plump breasts on my chest or only a small spattering of hair, she was minus the penis hanging between my legs, which sometimes grew hard and red and bubbled with small daubs of a sticky fluid.

It was like that now, jutting out in front of me as I hid behind the bushes, wondering how I could approach this wondrous creature. Her head was above the water, and the sun illuminated her hair and skin making them glisten. I so wanted to burst forth from the bushes and leap into the water with her smooth, almost hairless body, so much like my own, yet still so lusciously different. My hand gently stroked my erect penis, trying to soothe its flaming heat.

I moved cautiously around the bushes, my knees brushing against small red chilis and orange cumquats, and I pushed the palm fronds to the side for a closer view. Ah, here I could see the small spatterings of freckles across her tan cheeks, and the red moisture of her lips. I could imagine kissing them, sucking gently on them. My thickly veined penis strained harder and I wiped away a little drop of fluid and brought it to my lips for a taste. It was smooth and salty, like an oyster from the rocks down by the sea.

She climbed gracefully from the water and back onto the rocks, next to the wet puddle she had made and lay down in the sun, her legs stretching out towards me, slightly open, droplets of moisture glistening in the hair between them.

I ducked lower hoping to glimpse the ruddy brown flesh hiding so teasingly below that alluring tuft of hair. I gulped, my mouth intensely dry, parted slightly, as I held my breath in the shadows of the shrubbery. My elbow brushed against the engorged head of my penis, taking with it the next bulb of moisture, followed by a long sticky strand.

Her hand slid down over her ribcage and belly, slowly between her legs, making them part slightly. I strained my eyes harder to make out what was there. Her middle finger slid up and down as if the spot was very slippery and her legs parted further. I nearly fell over as I saw her sex come into view. It looked tantalising, glistening there in the sun, pouting cheekily at me. She let out a low groan .

I could see two folds of skin, and a smaller fold just lingering between them, encased perfectly beneath a swell almanbahis of flesh, all glistening. I sucked on my lip, my heart pounding in my chest, transfixed by this beautiful creature’s sultry display. Her finger slid up and down, dipping between the pink lips and then back up to her mouth where she sucked on it, a look of warmth coming across her face.

I knew if I moved she would see me, so desperately I tried to stop my legs from shaking. Her legs opened further and I looked lower to where her buttocks squashed flat on the rock to the dark shadow beneath her open vagina. I could just make out the shape of her anus in the shadow, and the sublime creases where her thighs met her bottom. I wanted to suck on all of them. From where had such a creature come, I wondered, and are there more of them?

Then her eyes caught mine. She stared directly at me and I froze, my heart stopping dead and my limbs seizing up. She sat up a little pushing her dark hair back, and I was amazed as a tiny smile appeared on her face. She sat forwards more, her breasts swaying, and her smile broadened into an expression of joyous surprise.

She stood up and walked towards me and held back the branches between us. I slowly rose from my position and her eyes dropped to the engorged penis jutting out before me, angry with veins. Her mouth opened as she stared at it then back at my face, her expression a mixture of joy and surprise. I stood frozen to the spot, my face burning with embarrassment.

With slender fingers she beckoned me forward, her tongue peeking between her lips. She touched me gently on the shoulder as I climbed from the brush, and she wasn’t frightened as I had expected her to be. Then again, I was not some wild animal. I was one of her kind. One of the humans. I wondered if I was the only other one she’d seen, and if she knew where I had come from. Yet I had no way to ask her. I could only stand there smiling nervously as she felt my skin and smiled, her blue eyes flashing.

I’d watched her many times from my hiding spot, wondering if I should make contact with her and every time backing away, too afraid of her mysteries. And now I was here, standing by her lagoon while she ran her hands all over my body. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had spent my life on the coastline fishing and hunting, sometimes thinking about how I seemed to be the only one of my kind, and sometimes feeling a little sad, a little lonely.

Now I looked into the blue oceans of her eyes as the backs of her fingers skimmed over my stomach and the corner of her lip turned up, and nervously reached my hand toward her shoulder. Cautiously I checked her expression to ensure she didn’t get frightened, then finally touched her skin. It was so much smoother than my own, and deliciously creamy. She moaned softly and I knew it was all okay. Then I felt her fingers brush my penis.

I felt it jerk tightly, threatening to ejaculate all over her. She jumped a little with shock, pulling her hand away, then she looked back up at me and giggled. Her breasts swayed, full and swollen, and her dark nipples were crinkled and hard, pointing towards me. I let my fingers almanbahis yeni giriş slide down her arm, over the small bone at her elbow and down her forearm to her hand which again tentatively touched my penis.

I looked down at it and could see more clear fluid in a bulb at the opening. Her cool fingers touched it on the side, then curled around the shaft, squeezing gently. I groaned with ecstasy, feeling it jerk a few more times, then relax.

My own hands roamed over her warm skin, down her belly and across the bones of her hips. We both instinctively knew what had to be done. My hands cupped her breasts and I gently squeezed, enjoying their fullness. Gently I pushed her down on the flat rock. Her hands dropped away from my penis and she smiled as she spread her legs wide and lifted her bottom off the rock. She spread her swollen lips, showing me the shining fluids collecting there and her engorged clitoris nestled among the folds of her skin.

I knelt before her, sucking in a long, shaky breath and stroking the tuft of soft curls then sliding down into the slippery lips of her vagina. She groaned and whimpered slightly, straining to lift herself higher towards my mouth. I lowered my head and kissed her mound softly, then swept my tongue down the side between the inner and outer lips, immediately tasting her rich tang.

I let the tip of my tongue complete a slow round of the outskirts of her vagina, then I ventured into her soft centre. I flicked over her hard clitoris a few times then slid lower over her urethra, feeling the small hole with the tip of my tongue, then I pushed up inside her as far as I could, making my entire lower face wet with her juices. The taste was exquisite, a cross between an oyster and a mango, yet with a zest of tangerine.

My penis threatened to explode so reluctantly I pulled my face from her soaking vagina and caught the glazed, lustful look in her eyes. She sat up and grabbed my penis which was covered in slippery fluid at the tip and put her lips around it. My knees gave out a little and I sat back, allowing her to do whatever she liked. I felt my penis flinch and shudder a few times as her mouth slid down to take in as much as she could. The head pushed hard against her throat and her saliva ran down my hard testicles bunched tightly beneath me.

She slowly licked down the underside of my penis to my testicles and ran her tongue lavishly over them, gently pushing me back and licking around my bum, then back up and engulfing the head again, her blue eyes looking up at me, her chin wet.

I took her head and gently urged her to turn around on her hands and knees. She eagerly did so and arched her back invitingly. I grabbed her hips and moved toward her spread vagina and gorgeous anus, which also lay slightly open. She was so ripe and ready for me I took my hot penis and rubbed it from her vagina up to her anus and back again, smearing more wetness over the entire area, then stuffed it halfway into her. She squealed and flinched as I was stopped by some kind of barrier, but in my haste I pulled back and thrust again, harder this time and felt the barrier burst and I almanbahis giriş slid in as far as it would go, until I was snugly embedded within her.

Again my penis flexed and threatened to ejaculate deep inside her, but I held still, feeling her vagina gripping and relaxing. I stared at the joining of our bodies, and could see blood around the base of my penis. Her anus was no longer open but clenched tightly like a tiny dimple. It was still slick with her fluids and I was overcome by an urge to lick at it. For some reason I had to push my tongue into her bum, so I slid out with a soft squelch and saw more thin blood slicked along the length of my penis.

She groaned in surprise as I licked at her anus, then leaned forward more and arched her back allowing me full access. There was a similar tang to her vagina which made me want more. I stretched apart her bum cheeks and pushed my tongue gently past the folds of her muscle until she relaxed and I could push it right in. There was a different, more earthy taste inside which I liked and I poked my tongue in and licked at the tight passage.

She was now groaning in pleasure, her face on the rock and her own fingers pulling apart her holes, ocassionally brushing over her own anus when my tongue crept lower to lap at her vagina. Again I pushed my penis inside her vagina, coating it in juices and blood while my thumbs pushed into her anus, spreading apart the hole, watching the muscle contract and relax.

I could stand it no more so I pulled out of her vagina and pushed the head of my penis into her anus. I heard her gasp again and go still, then I felt it open gradually and accept me inside. I slid in as far as I could and licked at the juices all over my fingers. My penis was begging for release, so swollen and jumping inside her bowels that I made one more thrust and then pushed right in as far as I could go. She too must have felt my impending climax and pushed back harder against me, her squeals of delight echoing off the water.

And then I exploded, in great convulsions and spasms of pleasure. I felt each spurt of semen shoot up through me and deep into her rectum, flooding her bowel and seeping out around my penis as I slid back and forth in her hole. I felt warm liquid splashing on my thighs and reached my hand to her vagina which gushed with pee as she screamed over and over. I thrust again and again, feeling more spurts being squeezed from my penis as the last of her pee dribbled over my fingers.

I slid my erection from her anus and looked at the red, gaping hole and the interior of her arse, all coated with white sperm before it slowly closed leaving a pearl on her anus. I bent down and licked at it gently, tasting myself, then went lower and licked at her soaking vagina. I had to gulp at the thick mixture of juices gathered there, before she was relatively clean, then I went back to her anus and felt the now softened muscle allow even further access inside her. I sucked as much of my semen as I could from her gaping orifice while licking at the interior.

She turned around and passionately kissed me, lapping at the juices all over my face, then lowered her head and engulfed my softening penis, sucking gently on it.

I sighed and sat back, totally drained, and took in the sights around me. The beautiful curves of her back and bum, and the lagoon behind her, shimmering in the afternoon sunlight.

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