A Week At The Office – Part Four


I swallow my nerves, and look up at You.   “As You wish, Master.   I am Your slave and I exist for Your pleasure.”   We have spoken about this quite a few times now, and I always thought I would be completely ready when the time came.   But the time has come, and I feel as if everything is moving in slow motion.   I desperately want You to do this – to be able to give myself to You in this way, but at the same time I am nervous.   It’s one thing wearing a butt plug that is tapered for a comfortable fit, but Your cock is much thicker than the plug.   “On all fours on the bed My sweet,” You say to me as You cross the room and rummage through the case.   You pull out a bottle of lube – You have always promised me that You would take this slowly, and use plenty of lubrication.   As You approach the bed again, I cannot take my eyes off Your cock – wondering how it’s ever going to fit into my arse without splitting me in two.   You see the nervous look and stroke my back firmly.   “I want you to relax slave, and if it becomes too much for you, use your safe word, understand?”   “Yes Master,” I whisper, facing the front and closing my eyes again.   I concentrate on my breathing, relaxing myself in preparation for this experience.   I jump slightly when You rub some of the lube onto my tight hole.   You cover it slowly, letting Your finger slip inside my arse a few times, lubricating me inside and out.   I take Your finger easily after my all day session with the butt plug, and this raises my spirits and I start to repeat to myself that I can do this.   Your hand leaves me, and I know You are lubing up Your cock, and then I feel Your hands spread my cheeks, and it pressing against my arse.   I steadfastly refuse to let myself tense up, and continue to take deep breaths.   “Relax, My slut,” You say quietly as You push into me slowly but firmly.   The head of Your cock is almost completely in my arse now, and once it’s in, You stop to allow me to adjust to the feeling.   It’s more uncomfortable than painful – the vibrator did a good job of relaxing my muscles.   Shortly, I find that I’ve grown accustomed to the sensation, and try to push back on to You.   You moan as You feel me taking Your cock deeper into my arse.   “Mmm…such a good little slave…hold still for a while now My sweet,”     I stop moving straight away, but the feeling of Your cock moving inside me doesn’t.   I suddenly realise that You are holding me in position and fucking my arse slowly.   About half of Your cock is in my arse now, and with each thrust You push a little deeper.   At one point You stop moving and put some more lube on to Your cock.   Before very long, You are fucking me with almost Your entire length, and I am loving it.   I feel incredibly dirty taking part in this lewd act, and tell You so.   “You are.   You’re a dirty little whore who’s found she likes getting her arse fucked.   You’re My horny little bitch aren’t you?   My cum hungry little fuck toy…”   Your voice is low and seductive, and it’s driving me wild.   “Please…”   I whisper, “Please may I touch my clit Master..?”   “Not yet. I want to hear you tell Me what you are first,” You reply, and I have no trouble finding the words.   I’m Your slut, Master.   I’m Your sexy little bitch…Your slave, Your own, personal, filthy little whore, Master.   I’m Your horny cock slut, and Your cum hungry little fuck toy, Master!”   My voice becomes increasingly urgent – You know I love to be called all those things – it turns me on even more.   “Good little bitch – now you may rub your clit,” You say, all the while fucking my arse slowly.   I lift my left hand and begin to run it over my clitoris…my juices are dripping down my thighs as I briefly push two fingers into my pussy.   I smother my clit in the juices, making it slippery and even more sensitive to touch…I begin to rub my whole pussy feverishly, begging You to fuck me faster.   You remind me briefly about how I’m Your sexy little whore and then oblige, holding my hips tightly as You drive Your whole length into my arse.   I’m soaring.   I feel positively almanbahis şikayet elated at having been able to please You in this way, and as I listen to the sound of my fingers pumping my soaked pussy, and the sound of You fucking my arse I am overcome, and before I know it my orgasm is close.     “Please may I cum Master?   Please let me cum for You…”   I gasp out, not daring to think what Your answer will be.   “Not yet bitch – hold on a little longer.” You reply, and it sounds as if You are close too.   “Don’t you dare ease up on your clit slut,” You add warningly, with a slap to my bottom.   “I won’t Master…feels so good…please let Your little whore cum for You…PLEASE Master!”   I beg.   I am becoming desperate – I feel as though I am sitting right on top of my impending orgasm, then I hear those wonderful words,   “Cum now, slut!   Cum with your Master…Cum hard for Me My little slave…”   You trail off as Your orgasm overtakes You, and I feel You cumming – Your cock twitching as You shoot Your hot cum into my arse.   As we gradually get our breath back, You shift off of me and plant several small kisses down my spine.   “You did very well slave, I’m proud of you,” You say indulgently.   “Did you enjoy it?”   You ask, and when I turn my head and look at You there is a touch of concern on Your face.   It changes to relief when I smile.   “Yes Master I did – it felt fantastic!” I say with a grin.   You pat my bottom and send me off into the bathroom to clean up.   When I emerge again You are wrapped in a hotel robe and sat at the writing desk in front of Your laptop.   I pout slightly, and You catch it in the mirror.     “No pouting slave, unless You want to go over this desk for a quick reminder of the rules.   I’m only sending a few emails, then I believe it’s My turn in the bathroom.   There’s a couple of hours before we go down to dinner – I thought we would take a nap for a short while.”   Mmm, that would be nice Master – I am a little worn out after today, although it has been highly enjoyable,” I say to You as I wander over to the bed and turn back the duvet.   I slip underneath it and lay back, and am surprised how quickly sleep beckons.   I close my eyes and begin to doze, dimly aware of You moving about in the bathroom.   I am nearly asleep when You join me in the bed, and I hear You comment,   “You really are a sleepy little slut aren’t you, My sweet?”   I muster the energy to smile a little, and feel Your lips brush mine in a soft kiss, before I succumb to complete relaxation…     When I awake, You are standing looking down at me as You button Your shirt.   I smile, stretch and say, “How long have You been standing there, Master?”   “Long enough,” You reply.   “Up you get now slave, you should be dressing for dinner,” You add, as You pull back the duvet to reveal my naked body.   I drag myself to a sitting position, then stand up off the bed.   I stretch again, and run my hands over my body as I stand in front of You.   I squeeze my breasts as You look on, then squeak and scoot to the bathroom giggling as You swat my bottom playfully.   I douse my face in warm water, shaking off the sleep still hanging around, and quickly rub on some moisturiser to give me a fresher look.     A few more preparations and I hurry back into the bedroom.   I reach for the dress that was removed earlier, but You stop me.   “I have something else for you to wear My sweet.”   You take from the case a loosely folded item, which You hold up in front of me.   It’s a black dress designed with only one shoulder strap, and cut so that it hangs with the longest side coming to knee length, diagonally opposite the shoulder strap side.   The shortest part hangs to mid thigh.   You also take from the case a pair of silk hold ups, and a black strapless lace bra.   I feel thoroughly spoilt.   I move to You and kneel, resting my head against Your thigh.   “Thank You for such beautiful gifts, Master.   I am a very lucky slave.”   You stroke my hair softly.   “You’re welcome slave – you may thank Me in more depth almanbahis canlı casino when we return from dinner.   Now, let’s see how you look in them,” You reply.   I dress quickly and carefully, making sure not to ladder the delicate stockings.   You help me into the dress, and guide me to the full length mirror, standing behind me as I admire myself.   “You have such wonderful taste Master – I wish You were available to be my personal shopper,” I say smiling, as I make a small turn, watching the fabric move with me.   I sit on the bed and pull on my heeled boots.   The ensemble complete, I check my look again and smile.   You do likewise and then lead me from the room as I pick one of my long, light brown hairs from the back of Your jacket.   Before very long we are seated in the hotel’s restaurant, in a quiet corner.   We have both been given menus, but only Yours is open – as usual You are in the process of deciding on our meals.   Suddenly You say,   “I would like you to take a look at the wine list My slave, and decide what we should have.”   I am slightly taken aback, but reach out for the menu, keeping my eyes on You as though it may be a joke.   You know that I enjoy wine, and have a fairly good knowledge, but it is always You that orders.   I decide on white before I have even looked properly, as I know it will go with whatever You choose for us to eat.   When the waiter approaches and asks what we would like to drink, You nod at me and smile.   I deliver the order with confidence, knowing that my pronunciation, everything, is correct.   The waiter then turns to You to see if You are ready to order.   You tell him what You require, and he nods and leaves.   “You seemed quite surprised, My sweet,” You comment.   “Why was that?”   I can see from Your face that You are not interrogating, You are merely interested in my response.   “It is always You who decides Master,” I reply with honesty.   “But I thank You for allowing me to choose.”   “You are quite welcome slave,” You say.   “Choice is a special thing, and it’s not one that you often have when we meet, so I thought I would indulge you.   Who knows, you may have the chance to make other choices this evening.”   I wonder what You mean, but before I can ask the waiter returns with the wine, and fills our glasses.   I chose an oaked chardonnay, and it’s delicious.   I smile at You as I swallow the small amount, and You say to me,   “Touch yourself,” You give the order softly, but it still takes me by surprise and I glance around the restaurant wondering if anybody will be able to see if I do.   You grow impatient.   “I didn’t say look around the room slave, I said touch yourself.”   The scolding brings me back to reality and I murmur, “Yes Master,” and slip my hand down into my lap.   The material of the dress is quite thin and I consider touching myself through it, then decide to be a little more daring.   Making sure You can see, I push the shorter side of the dress all the way up my thigh and stroke two fingers over my pussy as You look on proudly.   “Mmm, you really are a dirty little bitch, aren’t you?”   You say to me, Your voice almost a whisper.   “Aren’t you?”   You repeat, a little louder.   “Yes Master,” I whimper.   “I’m Your dirty little bitch.   Your cock slut.”   My fingers move faster as I feel my juices start to flow.   You watch me for another minute or so, making sure my actions cannot be seen by anybody, then say to me,   “That will do for now My little slut, you did very well.”   You tell me with a smile.   “Put your dress back as it was, My sweet.”   I do as I am told and try not to pout – I am now extremely horny and eager for release.   Not that it takes much for my Master to get me into this state, I reflect.   Just hearing You give me orders can make me wet and horny.   And You know it.   The waiter approaches again with our first course, and sets the plates in front of us.   As usual the food You have selected is excellent, and for a while we sit in contented silence, each enjoying the situation almanbahis casino and surroundings.   You refill our glasses as we begin to talk again, just happy jumbled conversation made up of whatever enters our heads.   You pepper the conversation with the word “slave” and it vaguely occurs to me that You’re using the term more than You usually do.   Not that I mind – I adore it when You refer to me as Your slave.   Finally, the main course finished, the waiter clears the plates and we sit finishing off the wine.   You again have me touch myself for You, and at Your word I bring myself to the point of near-orgasm before You command me to stop.   The frustration is great, and I ask You pointedly if I will be allowed to cum for You when we get back to the room.   “We’ll see,” is all You say and lead me from the restaurant and back up to the room.   You unlock the door and allow me through first, and then close it behind us.   I am stood waiting in the centre of the room, and as You approach me I kneel before You, my hands behind my back. I lean forward my head turned to one side, until my face rests against Your shoes.   I like showing You my submission in this way – showing You how much I like serving You.   “Good girl,” You say, which is my cue to kneel up.   You cup my chin in Your hand and raise my head to look at You.   You nod once and so I get to my feet and stand before You, awaiting Your pleasure.   “Strip, My slut.”   You say quietly, stroking a finger over my neck.   I do as You tell me, and wriggle out of the dress, which I hang neatly over the back of a chair.   I unhook the bra, running my hands over my breasts as I remove it.   Next I place a foot on the chair and slowly slide off the stockings one by one.   For this last part I act as if there is no one else present, running my hands over my thighs and down my legs.       When the clothes are placed neatly on the chair I turn and face You again.   You walk behind me and stroke Your hands over my flesh, reaching round in front to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples.   I moan quietly, adoring the feel of Your knowing hands exploring me.   “Go into the bathroom slut,” You say into my ear, and curious, I turn and head for the door.   You are standing just behind me as I enter, and turn on the soft lighting as You follow me in.   The large bath is full with steaming hot water, and islands of bubbles from citrus scented bath foam sit on the top.   You flick a switch and it starts up the whirlpool jets in the bottom of the tub.   “Hop in and enjoy, My slave.   I will be back in a moment,” You say.   “Master, this is wonderful.   Thank You so much!   Will You please join me?”   I ask, smiling from ear to ear at this wonderful surprise.   “In just a minute slave – now in you get,” You reply as You walk from the room.   I sink into the hot water and slip beneath the bubbles.   The water swirls around me, feeling both awakening and relaxing at the same time.   You walk back in wearing only Your boxers and carrying something.   It’s an ice bucket, and in it is sat a bottle of champagne.   My eyes are agog as I think about how thoroughly spoilt I have been today.   I mentioned to You months and months ago that I would love champagne on ice in the bedroom, and I never dreamt You would remember, or actually do it.   You open the bottle, fill a glass and hand it to me, then fill another for Yourself.   You place Your glass on a shelf next to the bath, then remove Your boxers and climb into the tub.   I scoot over to give You more room, placing my own glass on the floor, then turn back to face You.   “Come here slut,” You say and so I fit myself neatly between Your legs.   “Kiss me,” You say simply, and delighted at the invitation I lean forward and press my lips to Yours.   I linger for a short while, then tease Your lips open and slip my tongue into Your mouth, seeking out Your own.   You return the kiss hungrily, and slipping a hand between my legs You push a finger into my pussy and finger fuck me slowly.   I sigh softly at the pleasure and place my hands on to Your shoulders for support as I kneel up out of the water to allow You easier access.   I lean my head back, which thrusts my breasts forward and so You tease my nipples with Your tongue, dividing Your attentions between the two – licking, sucking and gently biting.

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