A Stolen Kiss – The Devilish Kind


University student indulges in a special surreptitious fantasy.

Please enjoy…


…. I can almost smell you, dirty little slut.

I enter your room. You have been napping. The stolen hour of sleep that injects a further five or six, good hours, of alert and awake attention, the way you like to live your life.

You are lying face down, drifting back peaceably, from the recesses of your semi-dream state. Head in the pillow. Arse slightly raised. Hands under thighs. Skirt.

I slip into the room and lock the door. You hear me, like a distant sound in the far reaches of an open hall. Gathering your consciousness, detecting me fully only once I have slid up your skirt, pulled your g-string aside.

You now come to. My nose is at your brown hole. Sniffing first, then breathing in deeply, you feel the heat of my mouth near your very intimate orifice.

You start, “Oh dear, I…I just had a…just an hour ago…”

You hesitate, and again, “Ooooh…no don’t… no don’t it’s dir….oh… uh… oh…ohhhh…”

I have slipped my tongue around the edges of your dirty arsehole. I rim you gently, detecting on my taste buds, the aroma of your darkest secret.

You catch yourself. You almanbahis şikayet feel your slit lubricating naturally. You want to move your hands there, but you want to prolong the subtle thrill too, so you wait.

I touch the very center of your puckered brown hole with my tongue. I taste the musky bitterness, the earthy smell, the pasty friction of your anus. I push in, feeling my cock pulse hard against my jeans, throbbing, aching.

I push in deeper, then slip my wet and red tongue out.

“Open for me now you horny little faggot”

You push out, mimicking your movement of just an hour ago. Thrilling and releasing your most secret self into my mouth. I push in deeper now, my whole tongue delving, tasting your insides.

You moan, drawing pleasure as much from the sensation as from the mental twist. (“His tongue is in my dirty ass.”)

Your snatch is weeping into the duvet below you. Squeezed up into your inner thighs, it is staining quite nicely now. But you smirk at the quiet little cunt thrill it is sure to give you, when you wash the covers later this week, and see it, are reminded of this nastiness, this surreptitious act.

I press in and out faster. You buck, up and down, pushing almanbahis canlı casino back into me and opening up in blatant vulgarity, then diving down into the covers, cunt fucking your bed as hard as you like.

I feel it building in you. And now it has me too. I have sated my lust for your filthiness. I withdraw, leaving you gaping and pushing. Quite the voracious whore now, no coy little tart “worried about her cleanliness”. Practically begging to swallow my mouth with your hole.

“Open up!”

I pull out my cock. You begin to turn, you want to catch a glance, I push your face back into the pillow. I start to wank hard and fast, right over your gaping arse hole. I pull quick and furious, jerking, then tugging and at last I feel it coming.

“Whore” I moan, as my first jet of hot cum spurts onto your ass cheek, missing my aim as my jaw tenses, grinds and aches. I pull my neck downward, just enough to get site of the passageway I have cleaned for my pristine spunk.

“Slut” I sigh, as the second and third jisms of hot white fluid hit the mark, spattering on your now puckered crack.

I sigh.

“Relax baby.” I say, “…Honey……darling”

At which you gape open again, and the almanbahis casino small pool of milk slips right in your hole, draining into your thirsty anus, and down the crack towards your cunny.

I turn your head to me now. I push my cock into your mouth. “Clean me my sweet”.

You suck my softening cock, taking the full length into your mouth, feeling it bend, flaccid and wrinkled and satisfied, pushing further and further to your throat.

“Wank it darling”. You know I am talking about your quim. “Make it come now.”

You push your index and fore fingers onto your labia, not quite the direct thrust on your clit yet. “My god I’m so wet!” (You should be honey, my cum is dripping down there now.)

You begin the lateral stroke movement, slowly starting, but quickly developing into a frantic sideways rub. Now you furiously wank your cunt, accessing your clit through your pussy lips by vigour alone.

I can feel you are close.

One more fuck for your mind. “Let me taste my come in your mouth darling.”

You let my cock go, I lean in and our mouths meet. I can feel you coming, tasting your arse in my mouth, tasting me taste myself in yours.

I maintain the unbroken embrace of lips and tongues until your shivering subsides. I open my eyes. Yours are closed.

I cup your head back onto the pillow.

I whisper, “Rest now, your boyfriend will probably be here, by and by.”

I withdraw, watching your arse, tasting your scent, feeling your slumber.

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