A Shocking Sight – Part 3


After the shower incident, an obsession grew inside of me. Lia’s hushed words outside of the bathroom door kept swirling around in my head. “It was amazing… and hot… and he’s not my real brother.” She obviously wasn’t disgusted, or repulsed by my show. On the contrary, it may have been a turn-on.I wondered if her panties got wet. I wondered if she reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit, at some point. Her friend Cheryl had left the bathroom well before I started stroking my shaft, so Lia had ample opportunity to touch herself while watching me. These fantasy thoughts had me rock-hard again, and I released a load with barely any stroking. I was horny as hell, and emboldened by my sister’s actions. There was clearly no more shame at the thought of sexual contact with her. I needed to be inside of her… but how?The next weekend came almanbahis around and both my parents went to watch my older brother’s hockey tournament. My sister hated hockey, and I made some lame excuse to stay home as well. Lia was on the sofa downstairs watching T.V and I sat down on the opposite side of the sofa, asking what was on, and if it was any good. Within minutes, an idea came to me. I would try to use those nude photos as leverage, somehow. Blackmail my sister?My head started swirling, my ears buzzed, and I cursed silently at myself for being a coward. This was my opportunity, and I couldn’t do it. Fuck!!! I was about to get up and leave… but then I just blurted it out, ” Check out what’s on my phone, Lia.” I brought up one of the pics, and flashed it in front of her face. She lunged at the phone, trying to grab it, but I retreated and almanbahis yeni giriş giggled. Lia was genuinely angry and shocked. “What the fuck… how did you take these, you pig!” She forced me into a corner, trying to grab my phone, while I kept it out of reach.I tried to calm her down enough to explain, “What was I supposed to do, walk away after seeing you like that? Please don’t be mad. Your body is beautiful… Don’t be embarrassed.”She shot back, “I didn’t take photos of you in the shower, did I, but I could have! Give me the fuckin’ phone…you didn’t show these to your creepy friends, did you?””I swear to god, I didn’t show these to anyone,” I replied. She walked over to the sofa, with her head in her hands, and fell back into it. “Are you going to delete those photos?” Lia said.I summoned all my courage to say what came next. almanbahis giriş “I’ll make you a deal. You can have my phone, to delete them yourself… if you let me lick your pussy.” My face turned red, as these words tumbled out. Blood also rushed into my cock. Her face was again buried in her hands, and the uncomfortable silence was almost painful. “Oh my god… just this one time, right?” “This is so bad. You can’t tell anybody! Swear to me!”I reassured her, “It’ll be our secret, I promise.”Lia ran into my bedroom, I assumed because it was darker in there. She scrambled to get under the bedsheets, and just lay there frozen, with the sheets pulled up, covering her face as well. My heart was trying to beat right out of my chest, as I slipped under the sheets on the opposite end of the bed.I found her feet under the sheets, and moved my face upwards along her legs, which were tight together. She let out a tiny giggle. My hands moved up to her slight hips, and I pulled my face upwards, until my nose brushed her mound. I inhaled deeply, and caught the scent of a warm wetness.

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