A Nice Evening Out


I round the corner to find you standing there, in the bathroom, leg up on the counter intently working your butt plug into your hot asshole. You look so amazing, your tattoo inviting me to explore it in further detail. You have such a pretty pussy. Shaved, one of my biggest turn ons. Full and pouty lips. A very excitable clit. Extremely wet. I know I will enjoy eating you later on this evening. You get the butt plug firmly inside your ass and don the skimpiest thong I have ever seen. Literally three strings are all that separate me from your two of your most excitable places. You decide on the black mini dress, knowing that it will turn me on all night long.

After a nice evening out, we return back to my place. I park the car in the driveway and as you exit, I see the pink plug you inserted into your ass peeking out from under the fabric of your ultra tiny thong. You’re barely inside the front door and halfway up the stairs when I pull you to your knees. I push your skirt up and rip your thong off. I bring my prize up to my face and inhale your sweet nectar. I reach down and in one swift motion remove the butt plug from your ass.

Your butthole gapes open after the intruder has been removed. I lower my head and begin to cover your hot ass with soft kisses. Your pussy is burning with desire and I know I will get to that in time, but for right now I am focused on your slightly gaping asshole winking at me. I gently tongue around the outside of your rim, letting my tongue drag almanbahis slowly along your wrinkled outer ring. I love the way you taste. Rich and earthy. You gasp slightly as I slip my entire tongue deep inside your stretched out butthole. I can feel you manipulate yourself so that your anus squeezes and pulsates around my tongue.

I am rock hard as I kneel there tongue fucking your hot pink asshole. What a great end to a fantastic evening. You reach back between your legs as I lick you and start to play with my cock. You stroke me and run your fingertips over my tip, teasing me. You roll my balls in your hands as you’re still squeezing your hot ass on my tongue. I reach around and begin to tease your clit. My first contact with your hot shaved snatch elicits an almost instant orgasm. You squirt a torrent of cunt juice and soak my face. I lick hungrily and noisily, sloshing some juices from your tasty quim up into your open and awaiting ass. I am in heaven as I lap your sweet nectar from out of your perfect asshole.

You turn and kiss me full on the mouth, tasting your pussy and ass on my face and savoring the flavor. You take my hard cock into your mouth, sucking the head past your lips and letting your tongue dance on my excited cockhead. You take my entire length into your mouth, letting my cock slide down your throat until your lips come to rest on my balls. You work the muscles of your throat in a magical way that makes it feel like they are milking my cock while you play almanbahis yeni giriş with my balls. Your hands begin to make their way back to begin to play with my ass like you know I like.

You are surprised when your fingers come in contact with some soft rubber as they near my asshole. You look up at me deeply into my eyes, not even having to ask. I reply that I wanted to surprise you and that I wanted you to do something for me tonight. I turn around and get on my hands and knees. You pull the plug gently from my virgin ass, stopping to take time to admire my gaping asshole too. You thrust your tongue deep into my ass tasting my depths and begin stroking my cock. It is all too much for me to handle and I need to cum. I turn around just in time to coat your face with my thick load.

You use your fingers to direct my load into your mouth and swallow it all with ease. In seconds you have my cock in your mouth again, eager to suck me hard. We crawl up to the bedroom and hop onto the bed where there is a tube of lube and a double ended dildo on the bed. You lube up both ends of the dildo while staring intently into my hazel eyes. I stare back into your big brown eyes in trepidation and anticipation of what is to follow. I am glad that I have had the plug in my ass all day as I am now stretched and ready for your assault. You slide one end of the dildo into my ass, slowly working it in and out as you stroke my cock. You climb up to straddle me (like you did that Friday almanbahis giriş morning in Chicago) and slip my dick into your soaked pussy. You grind away on my dick while you continue to fuck me with the dildo.

Not wanting you to feel left out I reach back and slip the other end of the dildo into your asshole. You gasp as the cool rubber slides into your ass, while you pound my cock with your pussy. Once the reality that we are both experiencing the same feelings sets into you, the orgasms begin. You cum once every minute as my cock fills your pussy and the dildo stretches your ass. I pull my cock out of your cunt and slide the dildo out of your ass. You turn quickly and suck the end of the dildo into your mouth, sexily tasting your own ass and making a show of it for me. I flip you around so that you are on your hands and knees on the couch.

I slide my cock into your sexy ass and begin to fuck you slowly and steadily. You reach between your legs and slip the dildo into your willing shaved slit. Again we are both giving and taking. It feels amazing. Your ass quivers and pulses as my cock continues its unrelenting attack on your butt. I can feel your muscular ass milking my dick as it pounds you. Each time you orgasm I can feel your asshole tense around my cock, and the vibrations of your pussy on the dildo travel up and resonate deep inside my asshole.

I cry out in delight as I cum, cock still buried deep inside your backside. You feel my hot load of jizz as it stickly coats the depths of your ass. As my erection subsides there is a slight pop as my cock recedes from your freshly fucked anus. I lay there and enjoy the treat of watching a slight trickle of my cum leak from your stretched butthole. Such a hot sight…

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