A Good Night’s Work


HotHarry — Today 10:20″Tue 9:00front door will b openguestroom — wife seduces sch chumi’ll let her know when u readyleave lite on ths timei b in closet — make sure I get good viewkicked in extra $ — expect really good show”HotHarry. Just how I want to start my day. I did a skit with him and his wife a few weeks back, same sort of tired voyeur scene, female burglar surprises wife, blah, blah, blah. They got what was paid for, but it left a bad taste in my mouth, with her looking like she’d done something she didn’t want to do. I’m in the comfort and joy business. I don’t like leaving people that way. I chatted with a few of the other girls and boys in the trade and it sounded like I wasn’t the only one getting that vibe, either.I check my private pay account. $20 over my normal role-play fee.”Gee wow, Harry. You’re a selfish fucking pig and cheap to boot. I do like your wife, though. She is sweet and pretty and deserves better than having to do this shit just so you can get your little stiffy off.”As I sip my latte, I mull it over and a little plan floats up in my head. After a few minutes, I decide I like it. I check my schedule and text him an okay, then make a couple of calls.It’s Tuesday night and I find her sitting in the corner of a big, deep couch in the den, watching some tv dribble. She is middle-aged, a bit doughy, and wearing a cheap black nightie that only a man would think was sexy. Despite the poor choice of hair color and garish lipstick, she has a cute round face with lovely brown doe eyes and a perfect button nose. She looks a little tense sitting there, almanbahis her eyes flicking to the phone laying on her thigh, waiting for her cue.”Evening, Margie, how are you?” I ask quietly and her head jerks up with a start.”Oh! Hi, I guess I’m okay. Wait, aren’t you supposed to be upstairs?””Plans change,” I murmur with a shrug, coming across to her.”Where’s Harry?””Oh, he’s being well taken care of, don’t worry. Now here’s tonight’s new rule. You’re not going to think about him anymore. At all. Tonight is going to be about you.””About me? I don’t understand.””Tonight it’s all Margie’s wants and desires, not somebody else’s. I could tell last time you actually enjoy another woman’s touch, just not as an exhibition piece for prying eyes. So that’s why I am here, to give you anything that will help you find that pleasure. Just for you. I expect nothing in return, unless you choose to do it,” I explain, then pause, “though there is one thing I must insist on before we start.””What’s that?” she asks, her eyes getting narrow.”Take off that dreadful rag,” wagging a finger at her outfit.”Gladly! It itches!” With a giggle, she wiggles it up and over her head, letting it dangle, before dropping it to the floor.”Ta-dah!” she exclaims, her voice tinged with little streaks of doubt. She leans back into the corner, arms and legs draped like a sultan’s favorite. Her body is voluptuous, her breasts large and sexily pendulous, with some serious fat pink nipples in large, pale surrounds. Her tummy is three soft rolls begging to be pinched and kissed. Her mons is covered in a forest almanbahis yeni giriş of loose curls above a plump cunny shaved smooth, framed by fleshy white thighs. As I take her in, I decide I’m liking this plan better and better.”You look absolutely delicious, Margie.” Holding her eye, I begin to undress slowly, not like a strip-tease, just giving her time to really see me. As I slip off my blouse, her eyes flick to my bare breasts and the thick gold ring in my left nipple.”I like that,” she whispers.”Thank you. Gift from my father at Christmas.””Oh, you naughty girl!” she giggles, “Think I’d look good that way?””With nipples like those beauties and nice gold bars? Any woman I know would drool at the chance to get close.”I kick off my loafers and step out of my slacks. She takes in a quick breath seeing my naked cunny and its naturally thin dusting of blond hair. I come forward and sit between her thighs, my hip pressing lightly between.I bring my lips to hers and whisper, “Now, my love, how shall we go?” with a gentle kiss. We hold for a moment, eye to eye, as she ponders. Her hands snake into my short hair and she kisses me hard, then whispers in my ear, “Make love to me like you mean it, like I deserve it.”I give her a warm smile. “Absolutely. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now close your eyes, cast out everything from your mind, and open yourself only to the pleasure you feel.”I begin slowly. Kisses and whispers, little licks, caresses like feathers dancing across her skin. I slowly knead and squeeze, pinch and probe down her soft, yielding body, watching, almanbahis giriş feeling, listening for her response with each foray, reading the trembles and moans.Her nipples especially get the attention they deserve and she cries out, “Oh fuck, harder!” as I suck and pull each with my teeth. I pause a minute to let her simmer, then slip to the floor, swivel her closer to the edge, and kneel between her legs. Her sweet cunny pouts open, flowing with her juices. With fingers tip-toeing up her thighs, I lean in and inhale deeply, then blow sharp through her curls and down across her fat little clit, making her jump.Most of the time in this business, at least for me, you just get on with it, fulfilling the client’s money/pleasure ratio. Other times, you close your eyes and wish you had charged double, maybe triple. And then there are those rare encounters when you are tempted to leave their money on the nightstand when you go. If Margie had been paying, I probably would have.I take a long, slow lick from her rose to her clit, tasting her rich, sweet, abundant passion and feel a tingle in my own cunny, but nothing compared to the way her butt jumps on the cushion. I put my head down and go to work, fast, slow, hard, soft. I use all my best tricks, truly enjoying the treat of working with such a luscious cunt for a change. I can feel the storm building in her, pushing her up there, right to the edge.Her cries get louder and louder until she grabs a pillow and smashes it down on her face. I reach up and pull it off.”No cheating! I want to hear you scream when you cum, I want the world to know how you deserve to feel!”I slide two stiff fingers deep into her, pumping hard as my pinkie slides across her wet rose bud beneath. I take her clit between my lips and suck her right over the edge and into oblivion.

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